Climate Survey

Survey final particpation chartIn Fall 2016, the law school conducted its first-ever campus climate survey of all students, staff and faculty. An amazing 80.5% of students, 86.8% of faculty and 100% of staff completed the survey (typical climate-survey participation for other institutions is around 30% for all constituencies). This landmark survey set climate benchmarks against which to measure future progress, identify issues that merit immediate attention and shape upcoming climate-related policies and programs.

Dr. Sue Rankin presented the results of the climate survey to the law school community on April 28, 2017. Over the next few months, the law school community will meet in small groups to discuss the results and develop action plans to address ​any issues identified by the survey results.

View Dr. Rankin’s “Climate Matters” presentation, discussing climate-survey science and methodology.

View the climate-survey results report (note: the report is restricted to members of the Texas A&M School of Law community; you will be prompted to log in with your credentials before you can view the report.)