Q. So, which degree will I receive? An LL.M. or an MLS (formerly M.Jur.)?

A. If you already received your J.D. from an ABA accredited law school, the degree you will receive for this program is an LL.M. degree. If you are not a lawyer, the degree you will receive is a ​Master of Legal Studies (MLS).

Q. Is the course curriculum the same, regardless of whether I am receiving an LL.M. or an MLS?

A. For all practical purposes, yes. Students seeking an MLS who have not been through law school will have one added course requirement, Intro to U.S. Law, but otherwise, the program curriculum is identical for students receiving either degree. Courses will be made up of students who are working toward their LL.M., as well as those who are working toward their MLS.

Q. Is there a set class schedule?

A. Since our courses are all offered asynchronously online, there is no “set” class schedule. However, you can expect that during these asynchronous courses, professors will initiate interaction with you at least twice per week.

Q. When you say the courses are interactive, what do you mean?

A. There are several ways in which an instructor will interact with you throughout each course. The interactivity may be via:
  • discussion boards
  • group breakout sessions
  • the posting of questions during discussion boards and/or office hours
  • asking you to answer yes/no or multiple choice polling
  • requesting short answer responses through discussion boards, chat rooms, or office hours
  • calling on you to answer questions or make presentations through discussion boards, chat rooms, or office hours

Q. How will my instructor know that I attended class?

A. Your attendance will be tracked automatically each time that you log in to your course.

Q. How long will it take me to complete the Master’s degree?

A. Traditionally, most students complete the degree within five semesters, taking an average of 6-8 credits per semester.

Q. I’ve never taken an online course or online program before. How should I prepare for the experience?

A. You will have a full online orientation session that will walk you through how to use the eCampus learning management system and familiarize yourself with all of the tools so that you are comfortable throughout each course. You will also have access to 24/7 technical support in case issues arise.

Q.  What happens if I have a technical problem?

A. All courses are monitored by Texas A&M staff to ensure continual course success. Staff will verify that students have access to strong internet connections, functioning web cameras, and microphones.

Q. Are there any technical requirements that I need to have in order to participate?

A. Students should have reliable access to a high-speed, broadband Internet connection. A minimum download speed of 5.00 mlps and minimum upload speed of 2.00 mbps is recommended. Students are encouraged to use a laptop or desktop computer rather than a tablet or smartphone.