Student Organizations

Student organizations at Texas A&M School of Law offer you opportunities to develop personal and professional relationships, hone your leadership skills, and explore special interests related to your future legal career.

Below is a list of student organizations at our law schoo​l. Click on the name of the organization for contact information. If you do not see the name of an organization in which you are interested, click here for more information on how to form a new organization.

12th Law Man

The 12th Law Man preserves and promotes the traditions of Texas A&M University School of Law through outreach and education. The 12th Law Man seeks to encourage the unity of our student body by providing opportunities for students to be involved in many of the time-honored traditions of the Texas A&M University system, as well as traditions unique to the Texas A&M University School of Law. Each student at Texas A&M School of Law is automatically part of the 12th Law Man and is encouraged to connect with the Aggie Network by participating in events such as football watch parties and the bus trip to a home game, the Big Event, and the Camaraderie BBQ, among other events held throughout the year.

Gracie Mock

Ag Law Society 

The Ag. Law Society promotes Agricultural law within the law school. Agricultural law encompasses many legal fields such as Ag. Law, Rural Development, Food Law & Policy, and other specialty areas of law that relate to agriculture. This past year, our members have worked alongside attorney Mark McPherson to help bring clean drinking water to a rural community outside of Dallas and sent three students to the National Food Law Conference. We look forward to further expanding our club membership and finding new ways to serve the Fort Worth community.

Destiny Rauschhuber

Aggie Health Law Society

The Aggie Health Law Society brings awareness and hosts health law related panels to help show that health law encompasses almost every branch of law, including mergers & acquisitions, criminal, intellectual property, torts, privacy, administrative, corporate, etc. It is so much more than just medical malpractice!

Christine Chasse

Aggie Law For Life

The purpose of ALL is to further interest in life issues and relevant legislation; to coordinate student, faculty, and guest seminars on life issues; and to facilitate networking among students and professionals interested in furthering a pro-life legislative agenda.

Joanna Sparkman

American Constitution Society (ACS)

The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy is a group of students concerned about the pervasive conservative orthodoxy in American law and politics. We believe deeply in the importance of law as the mechanism that governs the relationships between and among the individuals and institutions that form our society, & we recognize the direct relationship between legal theory and the broader political debate about the kind of society in which we live.

Lorraine Garcia

Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA)

APALSA is a political, community service, academic, professional, and social law student organization dedicated to serving the Asian Pacific American community at TAMU Law. APALSA seeks to promote and articulate the needs of law students; foster and encourage an attitude of professional conduct; provide an organization through which the APA community can effectively communicate its needs and desires; and encourage greater commitment from all members and the legal community towards implementing the aforementioned goals.

Kristi Uyen Le 

Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

The Black Law Students Association is a national organization created and designed to articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of Black law students; to foster and encourage professional competence; to focus upon the relationship of the Black attorney to the American legal system; to instill in the Black attorney and law student a greater awareness of and commitment to the need of the community; to utilize their expertise to initiate a change within the legal system that will make it more responsive to the needs and concerns of the Black community, and to do any and all things necessary and lawful for the accomplishment of these goals.

Arielle Williams

Board of Advocates (BOA)

The Board of Advocates “BOA” is a student honorary organization that promotes the development of advocacy skills in all law students. The BOA offers training sessions, hosts annual intramural competitions at the law school and provides support when the law school hosts various advocacy competition. Whether you aspire to be a transactional attorney negotiating on high stake cases or a trial ready litigator, the BOA provides numerous opportunities for A&M students to advance their advocacy skills.

Sannika Reddy

Business Law Society

The Business Law Society is dedicated to providing its members with opportunities to pursue interests in business law, and related fields, outside of the classroom. We sponsor events which bring law students in contact with practitioners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and provide a unique opportunity for members to listen and ask questions in an informal atmosphere. Our hope is that these events will afford members a chance to inquire into and learn about fields of law relating to business, to provide students with networking opportunities, and to prepare students for practice in the business and corporate sectors.

Sue Suttles

Christian Legal Society

Christian Legal Society (CLS) is a fellowship of Christians dedicated to serving Jesus Christ through the practice and study of law, the defense of religious freedom and life, and the provision of legal aid to the needy.

Rifqa Bary

Criminal Law Society

The Texas A&M University School of Law Criminal Law Society promotes dialogue and activities regarding criminal justice practice, scholarship, and policymaking.

Bessie Bronstein

Delta Theta Phi

Delta Theta Phi, which can trace its roots to 1900, has initiated more than 136,000 members across the country and in several other nations. Many of our members are distinguished persons in government, in business, in international affairs, on the judiciary, and in the general practice of law. Delta Theta Phi’s mission is to foster lifelong friendships and professional affiliations through legal education, international networking, and mutual respect.

Christie Farrar

Employment & Labor Law Student Association (ELLSA)

Texas A&M's Employment & Labor Law Student Association seeks to expose law students to current issues in Employment & Labor Law through panel discussions and networking opportunities. As a legal field that impacts almost every single person in our community, our goal is to introduce students to different ideas and perspectives contributing to the development of current laws. We aim to support the development of future Employment & Labor Lawyers exhibiting Aggie Core Values.

Brianda Curry
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Energy Law Student Association

ENRG student organization has a broad focus on environmental, energy, and natural resources law. Throughout the year, we connect law students, alumni, and professionals in these respective areas through special speaking engagements and networking events. Additionally, ENRG serves as a resource for internships, research assistant opportunities, and mentorship.

Courtney Gately

Family Law Society

Family law is an exciting and personal field, which makes it full of unique opportunities. The Family Law Student Association seeks to bridge the gap between what we learn during law school and what challenges family law will present in practice by engaging with local professionals to learn how they help some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Clare Mattione

Federalist Society

The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in the current state of the legal order. It is founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be. The Society promotes an awareness of these principles & furthers their application through its activities.

John Yoon

Immigration Law Initiative (ILI)

IL promotes & advances the immigration law field. ILI hosts events in which students have the opportunity to: learn about the practice of immigration law; learn ways to get involved in the community; attend presentations given by lawyers and other professionals in the field; and stay informed on current issues. To fulfill our mission statement, it is essential to serve the local community and the public at large. Therefore, ILI shares events hosted by non-profits in the DFW area and hosts events for the community in partnership with other organizations.

Teresa Reyes-Flores

Intellectual Property Aggies

Intellectual Property Aggies promote activities to educate students about intellectual property law. IP Aggies facilitates relationships between the students interested in intellectual property law, our intellectual property law faculty, and the broader intellectual property law community. IP Aggies also sponsor events that bring law students in contact with practitioners in the field of intellectual property law and other related fields, providing a unique opportunity for its members to listen and ask questions in an informal atmosphere.

Alex Martin Del Campo

International Law Society

International Law Society promotes understanding of international law. We bring in speakers, host happy hours, and host other meetings to expand the network of students interested in international law. We also present about different topics in international law and help connect our students to various practitioners.

Chase Archer

Latinx Law Students Association (LLSA)

The Latinx Law Student Association (LLSA) serves as an academic, professional, and social resource center for Latinx law students and their allies at Texas A&M. The organization promotes the success of Latinx law students by providing a variety of events, networking opportunities, mentorship programs, and cultural celebrations to enhance the experience of Latinx law students in law school. We aim to provide Latinx law students with the skills, knowledge, connections, and cultural capital that they need to be successful law students, lawyers, and leaders.

Michael Casso

Longhorn Law Student Association

The Longhorn Law Student Association seeks to serve the interests and needs of Texas A&M University School of Law students who are also alumni of The University of Texas at Austin or have a connection to the 40 Acres. The main goals of the Longhorn LSA includes connecting Texas A&M Law students to UT alumni in the legal community and providing a common network for UT alums at TAMU Law. The Longhorn LSA will aim to strengthen the UT-TAMU network in the DFW legal community and in different legal communities across the state. Students at Texas A&M University School of Law with undergraduate or graduate degrees from the University of Texas at Austin are in a unique position to represent and benefit from the networks of two major Texas and national higher education powerhouses.

Jaime Villarreal

Military & Veteran Law Society

Our organization is committed to informing students about opportunities to volunteer throughout the local military community. We connect students with local organizations and motivate them to use these contacts to obtain their required pro bono hours and also just to lend a helping hand. Our group is also focused on providing resources to military students as well as non-military students. One specialty of our organization is providing students with information about the process of becoming a JAG Officer.

Jeremy Campbell

National Lawyers Guild

The NLG is an organization whose first commitment is to progressive structural change to the current political and economic system, emphasizing human rights over property interest. Our goal is to bring the mission of NLG to our campus and community.

Destin Germany


OutLaw provides a space for LGBTQ+ individuals to come together to network and socialize. We host social events, volunteer events, and often collaborate with other affinity groups to provide educational panels and workshops to the student body. Above all else, we are here to support TAMU Law's LGBTQ+ students.

Lora Naismith

Phi Delta Phi

Phi Delta Phi is the oldest legal organization in the continuous existence in the U.S., predating even the ABA. Phi Delta Phi celebrates academic excellence and embraces the finest attributes of professionalism and scholarship. Since our founding, Phi Delta Phi has emphasized to students and lawyers alike the importance of our calling. Our active membership is drawn from those students of the law who not only have shown themselves companionable, but have manifested the ability and industry in legal study. Membership in Phi Delta Phi is truly a mark of honor and distinction that follows one throughout life. Students in the top 1/3 of their class are invited to join at the end of each semester.

Karen Alday

Public Interest Law Fellowship

The Texas A&M Law Fellowship is a student-run organization devoted to raising awareness of the need for dedicated legal professionals in the public sector. The fellowship program funds internships for deserving students to perform public-interest work, providing crucial legal services to those in need. In turn, our Fellows are responsible for planning, obtaining donations for, and hosting the annual Law Fellowship Gala. Our program exemplifies Texas A&M School of Law’s core value of selfless service as students give back to the community while also gaining practical legal experience.

Evelyn Y. Garcia Lopez

St. Thomas More Society

The St. Thomas More Society promotes and practices high ethical standards in the legal profession; supports the spiritual growth of all members; and maintains good relations with the Catholic legal community of Fort Worth and with the Diocese of Fort Worth. The Society encourages members to live a Christian life and to practice the principles exemplified by St. Thomas More, patron saint of lawyers.

Mackenzie Redman

Speakers’ Bureau

TAMU Law Speakers' Bureau has a main goal of fostering excellence in public speaking to better serve our clients and communities. We give our members the opportunity to hone their public speaking skills in a variety of formats, including various prepared speeches and impromptu speaking activities. We welcome members with all levels of speaking abilities; from novice to expert. No matter your level, there is always room to learn and help others grow.

Anna Ferrando

Sports & Entertainment Law Society

The Sports and Entertainment Law Society provides an opportunity for students to discuss legal issues in the sports and entertainment industries. This includes topics like paying college athletes, contract and labor disputes, and how leagues are generally structured. Additionally, our organization provides a platform to meet individuals in the sports and entertainment fields and hear about their experiences.

Chrristopher Cava

Student Bar Association (SBA)

The Student Bar Association represents the entire student body and provides a collective voice for students as the law school’s student government. Board members are selected by student elections, which are held in the Fall for 1L Representatives, and held in the Spring for 2L Representatives, 3L Representatives, and the Executive Board. All students become members of SBA by enrolling at Texas A&M University School of Law.

Lauren Hadley
Twitter: @TAMULawSBA

Tax Law Society

Tax Law Society promotes tax law education and career-related opportunities available to Texas A&M University School of Law students. The Tax Law Society is dedicated to providing its members with opportunities to interact and network with tax lawyers and other professionals in the Dallas and Fort Worth business communities. The society sponsors events which bring law students in contact with practitioners in the field of tax law and other related fields, providing a unique opportunity for its members to listen and ask questions in an informal atmosphere.

Krista Wood

Women’s Law Student Association

The Women’s Law Student Association’s mission is to bring women together for mentorship, networking, and to relay scholarship opportunities to members. We invite women working in law, politics, and public interest to come speak to our members on their experiences as women in their chosen fields. Additionally, we seek to collaborate with other student organizations to host presentations highlighting various careers paths and current social movements our members may be interested in.

Jessica Mason

Women of Color Collective Law Student Association (WOCCLSA)

The Women of Color Collective Law Students Association is an organization dedicated to educating and empowering women of color and promoting and advancing their representation in the legal profession and community as a whole. The organization strives to meet these goals by creating a supportive community, promoting professional development, advancing social programming and networking, providing a platform to discuss issues pertinent to women of color in the law, and continuously advancing the interests of women of color at Texas A&M University School of Law and the overall legal profession.

Maya Fitzpatrick

Forming a New Student Organization

New organizations may be officially formed and recognized if their purposes are in accordance with those of the law school’s mission. Please note that new organizations at the Texas A&M School of Law must be reviewed and approved by the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at the law school. More information on student organizations can be found in the Student Handbook or contact Dean Rosalind Jeffers in the Office of Student Affairs. For more detail on how to start a student organization at Texas A&M, click here.