Pass/Fail Request Form

General Election: A student may not elect to take a lockstep course, a required course, a course taken to satisfy a rigorous writing requirement, a course taken to satisfy the upper-level experiential requirement, or a course taken to satisfy the requirements for a concentration program on a Pass/Fail basis, unless the course is offered only on a Pass/Fail basis.

Form Submission Deadlines:
Fall and Spring Terms – end of the last day of the second week of classes
Summer Session – end of the last day of the first week of classes
Winter Session – end of the second day of class

I understand that once this form has been submitted I may not change it back to a graded course.

If you have clicked on "Submit" but the form remains open without a confirmation screen, a required field has not been completed. Please ​scroll back up through the form and complete all required fields. Missing information will be indicated in red text.