JD students who have a need for temporary synchronous remote participation in an in-person course should complete this form prior to the class meeting for which remote participation is requested.

Please note you will not receive a response to your submission.  We will use your submission to notify your professor(s) that you plan to participate in class remotely on the date(s) you identify below. 

Synchronous remote participation for a COVID-19 related reason will count as attendance in face-to-face classes.  Remote participation for another reason will count toward your permitted class absences.  Although we expect the resulting allowance will generally suffice, we understand that there may be circumstances in which additional remote class sessions (or even absences) may be necessary.  In those situations, the law school will work with the relevant student on a case-by-case basis, to try and facilitate their ability to complete the given class. Please consult the Winter/Spring Course Schedule for more information on the law school’s attendance policy and for information on courses with special attendance requirements.

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  • Course Name:  Intro to Law
  • Professor Name:  Adams
  • Class Meeting Day and Time: Monday at 8:30 a.m

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