Innocence ​Project

Student Application to Enroll

Students are encouraged to apply to clinics by ​the application due date. Students who apply by that deadline will be notified of their application status before the end of the ​exam period. Applications received after that time will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Items with an asterisk (*) are required.

Are you employed?*

Do you plan to stay in this employment or work, or intern or extern, with a law firm or government agency during the semester you are enrolled in the Innocence Project?*



  • Conflicts: Clinics operate as law firms. Conflicts may arise if students enroll in a clinic or the Innocence Project and also work in a law firm or government agency in the first semester. If you plan to intern, extern, or otherwise, work during the semester you are in clinic, you will need to discuss with Dean Herrera.
Have you completed or enrolled in Professional Responsibility?*

Students who have not completed Professional Responsibility and are not registered for the class, will be automatically enrolled by the registrar's office. The registrar may have to drop students from another course if there is a conflict. Clinic and Innocence Project enrollment requires that students complete or concurrently enroll in Professional Responsibility.

To enroll in the ​Innocence Project, students must have completed one year in law school in the full-time or part-time program. Preference may be given to students who have completed or are currently enrolled in Criminal Procedure and/or Post Conviction Actual Innocence Claims. Please note these courses are not required for enrollment.

I have successfully completed or am currently enrolled in Criminal Procedure (recommended).*

I have successfully completed or am currently enrolled in Post Conviction Actual Innocence Claims (recommended).*

Have you participated in any other clinical programs offered at the law school?*

What strengths will you bring to this program and what skills do you hope to build or improve upon through participating?
Please type in the block above, or upload below, a brief statement about why you are interested in participating in the Texas A&M University School of Law Innocence Project.
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You are required to upload your TRANSCRIPT and  RESUME (pdf).*
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you can upload each separately as individual documents.
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Please upload your RESUME.
I understand that I may not take more than one clinic in one semester or enroll in a clinic and an externship without the consent of the Associate Dean for Experiential Learning. Generally, consent is only granted when students can prove that no actual or potential conflicts will arise during the semester, and the student can demonstrate he/she has adequate time to devote to more than one client experience. Consent will also be conditioned on clinic faculty agreement and enrollment capacity of each clinic.
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