LL.M./MLS Student Course Registration Form

Do not submit registration forms before your priority registration date begins. Forms submitted early, or forms with incomplete or incorrect information will be returned and will not processed.

If a course requires professor approval, you must email the professor from your TAMU student email account to secure approval and forward that approval to law-registrar@tamu.edu.  Your email must contain your name, UIN, the Course Title, Number and CRN.

Please use separate forms for each separate semester (i.e. do not register/add/drop for ​Fall courses and Spring courses on the same form).

Items with an asterisk(*) are required.


Before submitting this form, please ensure you have checked your account for holds, accepted the “Terms of Use,” and updated your “Location” for each semester you are registering.



Term or Semester for which you are registering:*

"Course & Sect # or CRN #" and "Add or Drop" fields are REQUIRED fields for EACH Course Name you list.

  • Course Name
    (ex: Intro to Law)
  • Course & Sect #, or CRN #
    (ex: Course & Sect # LAW-768-600 or CRN # 54321)
    REQUIRED for each Course Name listed.
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Students enrolled in a graduate program outside of the law school must secure approval from their department head or academic advisor to take the requested course and that the requested course is approved for the student’s degree plan. Students must send that approval the law school registrar. Registration in the course is also limited to seat availability.

Your course registration will be viewable in Howdy once it has been processed. If you do not see your registration on Howdy, check your law school e-mail or contact Student Services to inquire about your registration status.


If you have clicked on "Submit" but the form remains open without a confirmation screen, a required field has not been completed. Please ​scroll back up through the form and complete all required fields. Missing information will be indicated in red text.