Field Study Application

Please note:  This form is for Texas A&M School of Law students applying for a Law School Field Study course.

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Application Deadline:  ​​January 18, 2021


• Please review all the prerequisites, requirements, and tuition & fees information listed on the application form prior to hitting the "Submit" button.

• Minimum GPA requirement to enroll: 2.75

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Part I.  General Information
Part II.  Academic Information

Part III.  Personal Statement & Resume

*Please write (or attach) a statement of ​150 - 200 words on why you are interested in enrolling in this course. Please include any prior study or work experience outside of the U.S.
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Part IV.  Additional Requirements and Prerequisite Information

Minimum GPA requirement to enroll: 2.75

Course registration finalized after mid-January

Participation in this program requires a passport. If you do not currently have a passport or your passport has less than 1 year validity at the time of your trip, you must show proof of application for a new passport. (Waived for those applying to a non-travel field course.)

Field Course Credit:

  • Iceland and Israel: 2 credits total
    • Students will complete the Field Course for 0.5 credits as a Spring 20​21 course with project completion and reflection during Fall 2021 for an additional 1.5 credits.
  • Caymans: 2 or 3 credits total depending on whether travel will be possible
    • If travel is NOT possible, the course will be completed as above: 0.5 in Spring 2021 and 1.5 credits in Fall 2021.
    • If travel is possible, the course will be completed as 0.5 credits in Spring 2021; travel in May (weeks of May ​17 and May 24) and project completion and reflection for an additional 2.5 credits will be completed in Fall 2021.

Tuition and Field Study Course Fees for 2021:

  • Spring 202​1: Tuition for 0.5 credit or 3 credits depending on the course
  • Fall 202​1: Tuition for 1.5 or 2.5 credits depending on travel restrictions. Decision on travel will be made by January 25, 2021.
  • Separate field course fee (if travel is permitted):
    • For Cayman: $2,500-$3,500 to cover airfare, lodging, meals, and other related program expenses. Will be assessed after the start of the Fall semester.
  • Tuition will be assessed at the same rate as for all other law school courses.

Payment Information:

  • When registering and accepted into the course, you will be billed automatically. (You will be responsible for the course fee even if you fail to complete the course.)


I understand and agree that:

  • Once I accept a place in the course, I am responsible for the non-refundable field course fee. Tuition will be assessed at the same rate as for all other law school courses.

  • The field study portion of this class will take place according to the course-specific information sheet. The attendance rules of the law school will apply and there will be no “excused” absences from other courses in which I am enrolled.

  • I am required to attend all classes at the law school and in the course location in order to earn credit.
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