Course Registration Form

If a course requires professor approval, you must instead submit a paper registration form to Student Services with the professor’s signature.

Please use separate forms for each separate semester (i.e. do not register/add/drop for Winter courses and Spring courses on the same form).

Items with an asterisk(*) are required.

This form should be used for limited enrollment courses. Register through Howdy whenever possible. This form will be processed within 1-2 business days, or you will receive an email notification if we are unable to process your request.

Student Classification*

*Term or Semester for which you are registering:*


A change of status from full-time to part-time hours, or vice versa, is allowed only upon approval of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Please check your hours before adding or dropping courses to avoid a status change.

J.D. students MUST enter the CRN. Graduate students do not need to enter a CRN.


If you are waitlisted for a class, you must submit a course drop form to be removed from that waitlist. If a seat becomes available and you have not submitted a course drop form, you will be registered for that class and billed accordingly.

Limited enrollment classes are based on earned hours and not date/time of form submission. Waitlist priorities can change at any time based on who submits a request. You will be higher on the list than students with fewer earned hours but students with more earned hours will have a higher priority. However, you will not be removed from a class that you have been registered for.

If I am classified as a full-time J.D. student, I understand that I may not take more than 16 credit hours per fall or spring semester and the majority of my classes must be scheduled in the day. By registering as a full-time student, I affirm that I am not working more than 20 hours per week during the semester. I understand that failure to comply with this requirement may be a violation of the Code of Conduct.

If I am registering for a summer session, I understand that if I am working more than 20 hours a week, I may not enroll for more than 6 credit hours, including non-classroom hours such as Externship and Law Review.

If you have clicked on "Submit" but the form remains open without a confirmation screen, a required field has not been completed. Please ​scroll back up through the form and complete all required fields. Missing information will be indicated in red text.