Exam Information and Policies


Exam Policies and Forms

Electronic Bluebook (EBB)


​The current version of EBB is available for download.
  1. Visit https://ebblaw.tamu.edu.
  2. Locate "My In-Class Exam Software".
  3. Select correct version for your computer.
  4. Download and install: INSTRUCTIONS available here.
  5. Run a mock/practice/test exam.
  6. Contact I.T. Services if you have problems or questions -- 817-212-3845, law-it@law.tamu.edu, room 211.

Minimum system requirements:

  • PC:  Windows XP - Windows ​10
  • Mac:  10.6 (Snow Leopard) - 10.13 ​(High Sierra)
  • ​Run mock/practice exam before your actual exam.
  • If you have any difficulties, please stop by the I.T. office (room 211) BEFORE your exam day.

EBB Instructions

Exam Accommodations

Visit the Accommodations page for information about exam accommodations.
Exam accommodation request form submission deadlines:

  • October 15 for Fall semester exams
  • March 15 for Spring semester exams
  • at Registration for Summer semester exams
  • at Registration for Winter session exams