Classes will be held online at the regularly scheduled class time. The law school building remains closed.  Students, please check your email for additional information from your professors and Dean Helge.

School Closures and Class Cancellations

This page will post both individual class cancellations and school-wide closings or delayed openings.

School-wide Closings

Due to inclement weather and power outages, all classes (in-person and online/virtual) are cancelled for:
• Monday, February 15, 2021
• Tuesday, February 16, 2021
• Wednesday, February 17, 2021
• Thursday, February 18, 2021

The official make-up days for cancelled class days are as follows:

• Monday’s classes – official make-up day Wednesday, April 21
• Tuesday’s classes – official make-up day Thursday, April 22
• Wednesday’s classes – official make-up day Friday, April 23

As final exams start Monday, April 26, and to avoid making further adjustments to the academic calendar, we will try to continue with classes online Friday, assuming power can be restored to many by then.  We will continue to monitor the state of the power outages and will update everyone.

Class Cancellations

This section will display any class cancellations due to notifications of personal emergencies or conflicts encountered by a professor. These types of class cancellations will not utilize the Code Maroon Law system.

​None Reported 

In an effort to better serve the student body, the administration has created this page to notify students of class cancellations. Every effort will be made to post such cancellations in a timely manner. However, some emergencies, because of their very nature, will not permit timely notification or posting.

Law School closing or delayed opening due to inclement weather or other emergency

If classes are cancelled or the law school is closed or will delay opening due to inclement weather or other emergency, students, faculty and staff will be notified via a Code Maroon Law alert. In the event of a weather or other emergency closure, all students, faculty and staff will receive an email via Code Maroon to their law school email, regardless of whether or not the individual registered for Code Maroon Law alerts. If an individual registered for Code Maroon Law alerts, they will also receive a text message. In addition to the emails and texts, the Law School website homepage will display a Code Maroon Law alert that the school is either closed or opening is delayed. Sign up for Code Maroon Law text alerts.

TV Stations and Radio

The following television and radio stations will be notified to announce any law school closing or delayed opening:
FOX Channel 4 — KDFW-TV
NBC Channel 5 — KXAS-TV
ABC Channel 8 — WFAA-TV
CBS Channel 11 — KTVT-TV
Channel 21 — TXA-TV

News Radio 1080 AM — KRLD
98.7 FM — KLUV
100.3 FM — Jack FM
103.7 FM — Lite FM
105.3 FM — The Fan
107.5 FM — Mega