PaperCut  Print Management System

The PaperCut pay-for-print print management system will be re-launched Spring 2017. Exact date to be announced soon.

​The PaperCut print management system for all our students launched March 16, 2015. Wireless printing within the law school building was enabled shortly thereafter. The final phase of web-printing from home ​was implemented​ Spring 2016.

We now have six wired printing workstations set up in the new Mini-Print-Lab in the Law Library and six more print workstations set up in the 2nd floor Student Lounge. And there is now a designated printer for each group of 6 print workstations in each area. As a note, free Lexis printing is still available, but only through the Lexis website by selecting their designated printers.

PaperCut account
Username:  auth\your NetID  (NetID, not UIN)  
Password:  your normal "Howdy" password

Step-by-step instructions for registration and log-in are now prominently located at each workstation. Students must now log into the computer workstations using their TAMU NetID and password. (The previous “.\classroom” log-in credentials will no longer be in use on any of these computers.) And log-in times for law students have now been dramatically improved over the A&M network!

Upon logging in, a new PaperCut account will automatically be created for each law student, and ​you will then be logging-in to this new account using ​your same NetID and password as well. Each student received an initial $5.00 credit, which amounts to being able to print 50 pages for free! Additional funds can now be added using a debit or credit card within the secured web-based account system. (The old “cash” cards can no longer be used for printing, but are still valid for the library’s copy machines.)

Wireless Printing using PaperCut

Wireless printing now available via the pay-for-print system PaperCut.

Wireless print kiosk locations:

  • Student Lounge
  • outside the Bookstore
  • Library copy room
  • Library Print Lab

Step-by-step wireless printing instructions are available for download and posted at each print kiosk.


Your local Law-IT and Library personnel stand ready to assist you as we transition over to this new system. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Law-IT or the Librarians currently on call.