Required Lockstep and Upper-Level Courses

Students studying at Texas A&M School of LawYou are required to take certain courses to graduate. These courses give you a solid foundation in the law and help prepare you for the bar exam.

Required Lockstep Courses

You must complete the following required lockstep courses. For the prescribed sequence of lockstep courses for the full-time and part-time programs, see the Student Handbook.

  •  ADR Survey
  • Civil Procedure
  • Contracts
  • Criminal Law
  • Legal Analysis, Research & Writing I
  • Legal Analysis, Research & Writing II
  • Legislation & Regulation
  • Property
  • Torts

Required Upper-Level Courses

In addition to the lockstep courses, students who began law school in or after fall 2017 must successfully complete the following upper-level course requirements:

  • Constitutional Law (must be taken either semester of the second year)
  • Professional Responsibility (must be taken either semester of the second year)
  • At least one LARW III course
  • A minimum of six hours of experiential coursework. As part of the six credit hours, students must successfully complete an approved externship or clinic that involves advising or representing one or more actual clients or serving as a third-party neutral.
  • The rigorous writing requirement by completing a law journal comment; or by taking a seminar or independent study, completing the required paper, and earning a grade of at least a B- on the paper. Please review section 3.4 of the law school’s Academic Standards found in the Student Handbook for rules and limitations on the rigorous writing requirement.

Please consult the course registration materials each semester for designation of the courses offered that meet the experiential and rigorous writing requirements.