Oil and Gas Law

Oil and gas law is a dynamic and expansive area of law, especially in the state of Texas. Although new and alternative energy sources are emerging, oil and gas continue to be significant economic drivers affecting every sector of society.

If you focus on oil and gas law, you might:

  • resolve legal issues such as land-use management, extraction and production operations, transport and delivery arrangements, severed property rights, royalties and other benefits, and numerous other legal matters;
  • work with landowners and royalty owners, local production companies and multinational corporations, regulatory agencies and legislatures, and nongovernmental organizations; or
  • consider further specializing in procuring and leasing mineral rights, negotiating offshore drilling rights, securing governmental permits and authorizations, and many other areas that require specific legal expertise.

Core Courses

If you focus on oil and gas law, you should start by taking these courses:

  • Administrative Law
  • Oil & Gas

Recommended Courses

Below are recommended courses related to oil and gas law. You should choose courses that interest you or that will further your career objectives.

  • Climate Change and Energy Law Seminar
  • Energy Law
  • Environmental Oil & Gas Law
  • Environmental Law
  • International Water Law
  • Land Use
  • LARW III: Contract Drafting
  • Law and Science Seminar
  • Natural Resource Law
  • Special Topics: International Petroleum Transactions​
  • Special Topics: LARW III: Oil & Gas Law Drafting
  • Special Topics: LARW III: Environmental Litigation Drafting​
  • Water Law

Related Courses

You should also consider taking one or more of the following courses related to oil and gas law:

  • ADR Survey: Negotiation, Mediation & Arbitration
  • Negotiation Theory & Practice Practicum


Students interested in oil & gas law have participated in prior externships with

  • XTO Energy Inc., a subsidiary of ExxonMobil

To learn about current oil & gas law externship opportunities, contact Externship Program Director Cecily Becker at cbecker@law.tamu.edu.

Student Organizations

  • Energy Law Student Association