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Texas A&M Law Review publishes shorter, more accessible scholarly pieces through our Arguendo. These articles are intended for a wider audience than most traditional print journal articles.

Arguendo will feature short, lightly footnoted pieces on timely and relevant legal issues. As such, Arguendo prefers pieces between 3,000 to 6,000 words, inclusive of footnotes.

We aim to publish a wide range of content, including short essays, responses to articles, debates, book reviews, and other forms of legal scholarship.

We welcome submissions from professors, judges, practitioners, and law students.

How to Submit

Texas A&M Law Review’s Arguendo accepts submissions on a continuous basis throughout the year. Authors are encouraged to submit through the online submissions portal below. We also accept submissions via email.

If you have questions regarding Texas A&M Law Review’s Arguendo, you may contact the Online-Content Editor for more information.

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