Texas A&M Law Review

Welcome to Arguendo

Texas A&M Law Review will soon be unveiling Arguendo, the online extension of our print publication.

Arguendo will feature short, lightly footnoted pieces on timely and relevant legal issues. While the shorter length and light footnoting policy allows authors to publish their thoughts within weeks of an emerging legal development, our rigorous editorial process ensures we maintain the quality of scholarship expected of a print law review.

Arguendo will feature
  • short expositions of new ideas,
  • analysis of emerging legal topics,
  • dialogues on ongoing legal debates,
  • analysis of upcoming or recently decided high-profile cases, and
  • short responses to already-published scholarship.
Arguendo's articles are written by scholars, practitioners, and law students alike.

If you have questions about Arguendo, or wish to submit a piece to be considered for publication in Arguendo, please contact the Online-Content Editor, Matt Thompson, or use the online submission form.

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