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2022 - 2023 Journal of Property Law Board2022-23 Journal of Property Law Board

Membership Overview

The Journal of Property Law is Texas A&M’s newest law journal. The Journal is dedicated to publishing high-quality, practical legal scholarship on current legal issues and developments. Our approach of publishing articles about any aspect of property law means that the Property Journal offers its members a unique chance to deepen their understanding of this diverse legal field. The Property Journal members are extraordinarily diverse in their backgrounds, and as a member yourself, you will have a great opportunity to meet, work, and develop friendships with this talented group of people.

Our Members' Role

As a scholarly publication, our main function is to edit articles by legal scholars that the Journal has selected for publication in one of our four issues. Our staff of students spends hours ensuring that the Journal and each author's work is polished and ready for publication. As students, it is a privilege to be able to contribute to lasting legal scholarship in this way. Journal membership requires a four-semester commitment that begins in the fall semester of the second year of law school. There are two basic types of membership obligations:

A. Editing Requirements:
As a staff member, one of your responsibilities consists of checking citations, verifying sources, and editing articles that have been selected for publication in our journal.

B. Writing Requirement:
All Staff Members are required to author a student article, note, or comment on a case, statute, or an issue relating to property. The article must be written during the Staff Member’s first year on the Property Journal and must be completed by the first Spring semester following the candidacy period before the end-of-year banquet.

Texas A&M Journal of Property Law