In addition to their full time externship placements, students in the Residency Externship Program take two innovative courses prior to and during their externship semester.

Winter Term Course (1-credit, graded):

REP-PP-LAR-Action-shotGovernment, Ethics, & the Public Sector Externship
This is a required prep course for students in the Residency Externship Program.  The course provides a review of federal and state governance, explores the extern’s role in the policymaking process, introduces students to ethical issues within government, and allows students to research a topic related to their REP placement.

Seminar Course (3-credits, graded):

The Lawyer in Government
REP-PP Stephen Vina WorkingThe course explores the diverse political, ethical, and substantive issues that public policy lawyers encounter daily.  Students will employ critical thinking and analysis of public discourse and policymaking in the context of their externships and distill that exploration into written work product and class discussion.