Placement Eligibility & Application

We welcome the opportunity to partner with organizations committed to teaching and mentoring students by providing them with an educational experience where they can observe and perform the wide range of legal and law-related activities of the host organization, thereby helping them become better prepared for their career after graduation.

To be approved for the Residency Externship Program: Semester-in-Practice, the host organization should review the Program Overview and then complete the Residency Externship: Semester-in-Practice Questionnaire-Agreement, providing:

  1. Name and description of organization;
  2. Identity of the field supervisor(s);
  3. Educational objectives and describing the work to be performed to achieve these objectives; and
  4. Confirmation of the organization’s commitment to the:
    1. Educational goals;
    2. Providing appropriate assignments and on-going feedback:
    3. Supervisor being available to discuss performance both during and at end of the semester, (with both student and school);
    4. Fulfillment of all field supervisor responsibilities; and
    5. Signing of a Memorandum of Agreement once a student placed and confirmed.

and return it to the Externship Director, Cecily Becker. Upon receipt, the Externship Director will review and follow-up with any questions and approve as appropriate.

Field Supervisors should review the Field Supervisor Basic Responsibilities, as well as the Student Eligibility and Course Requirements sections to learn more about the course structure and student responsibilities.