Field Supervisor Responsibilities

Field Supervisors serve as mentors to the students and are asked to teach students the skills that will help them become ready for practice and career after graduation. Field Supervisors should allow students to work on issues and matters that will help them develop those skills and gain real life experience and insight.

In furtherance of the mission and goals of the Residency Externship Program: Semester-in-Practice, here are some basic responsibilities of Field Supervisors:

  1. Setting and discussing educational goals with the student;

  2. Providing appropriate assignments to help the student achieve his/her goals, including opportunities to observe as well as discussing professionalism and ethics issues as they arise;

  3. Meeting regularly with the student and providing on-going feedback and guidance on work performed and future assignments;

  4. Being available to discuss performance both during and at end of the semester, (with both student and school);

  5. Verifying the student’s hours worked;

  6. Evaluating the student’s performance and providing a mid-term and final evaluation to the school;

  7. The Supervising Attorney will ensure that students are not compensated by any part of the office, agency, group, or person for any work performed during the semester the student is enrolled in the Residency Externship: Semester-in-Practice; and

  8. Supervising Attorneys are subject to the Texas A&M University Nondiscrimination and Abuse Policy.​