Course Requirements

In the Residency Externship Program: Semester-in-Practice, students can earn ​9 - 12 pass/fail credits for completing fieldwork hours and participating in corresponding externship class meetings by:

  • Working full-time (approx. 40 hours/week) over 1​2-14 weeks in either the fall or spring semesters. Students must complete a minimum of 45 fieldwork hours for each credit.

  • Participating in the General Externship course (if first-time enrollees) or meeting with their faculty supervisor at least four times during the term and as otherwise required by the faculty supervisor. This may include participating in a pre-departure orientation. Participation in class will be via an online platform. 

  • Tracking time, submitting weekly journals and engaging in other self-assessment activities.

  • Completing with supervisor two evaluations: Week ​6/7, mid-term evaluation and Week 1​2/14, final evaluation.
Additional Credit: Student ​may also complete a one credit independent study paper or project provided they find a faculty advisor for the independent study.