Finding a Placement and Applying

            October ​​15:  For Spring semester externship
            March 15:  For Fall semester externship

Students are responsible for identifying their placements and obtaining approval to take a Residency Externship: Semester-in-Practice (REP-SiP) prior to committing to a placement.  Both student and host organization (placement) must be approved by the Extern Director before a student can enroll.

Students interested in a REP-SiP must submit an application packet by the deadline which includes:

  1. Application identifying the placement or placements of interest;
  2. Resume;
  3. Statement of Interest on how the externship will build on their academic and prior work experience; and
  4. Unofficial Transcript.

Student approval will be based on the statement of interest, prior experience and academic achievement.

Students considering a REP-SiP should submit an application by the deadline as late applications will not be considered unless approved by the Extern Director. You do not have to have your placement confirmed before applying. You are not obligated to enroll in a REP-SiP simply by applying and can withdraw if plans change.


If a host organization is not pre-approved, the organization must submit an application to the Extern Director for approval, which requires an identification of the field supervisors, description of the organization and students’ learning objectives and activities, and an agreement committing to the program’s requirements and responsibilities. There may be some residency placements who have been pre-approved and those currently accepting externs will be posted in REVS. Approval of a placement will be based upon the learning opportunities being offered and the organization’s commitment to the educational mission and requirements of the program.