Finding a Placement and the Application Process

Finding a Placement

Externships-JRBExtern Charlie Amiot (seated at right) at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth

There are multiple ways to secure an externship. Students may apply for externship opportunities posted on REVS, seek the Extern Director’s assistance in identifying qualifying opportunities, or may be able turn an unpaid internship into a qualifying externship.

The Externship Director maintains a list of attorneys/organizations who have been approved as externship placements as part of the General Externship Program. Each semester, placements actively seeking externs for the upcoming semester will be posted on REVS. These opportunities will vary each semester depending on attorney/placement participation.

Students can also identify their own opportunities. If you have an unpaid internship and would like to turn it into an externship, you must submit an application to Extern Director for approval. If the placement has not been previously approved (see Director for list), the placement must:

  • Complete the application-questionnaire and return it to the Extern Director; and;
  • Be available to discuss, either by phone or in-person, the program’s requirements and expectations with the Extern Director.

See Supervising Attorney Basic Responsibilities and the Supervising Attorney Eligibility and Application Process for further information.

Students are ultimately responsible for securing an externship; the Externship Director will assist students in the process, but cannot guarantee placement. Regardless of how a student identifies an opportunity, all students must submit an application and be approved to participate in the program by the Extern Director prior to enrolling.