Finding a Placement and the Application Process

Finding a Placement

Externships-JRBExtern Charlie Amiot (seated at right) at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth

Students are responsible for securing their externship. The Externship Director will assist students in identifying opportunities, and will provide counseling about options and the process, but cannot guarantee a placement.

A list of attorneys/organizations currently approved as externship placements ​is available here. These opportunities will vary each semester depending on attorney/placement participation.

Students can apply for externship opportunities posted on R.E.V.S., or identify their own placement and apply to have it approved as an externship.

Regardless of how a student identifies an opportunity, all students must submit an application by the appropriate deadline and be approved to participate in the program by the Extern Director.

Public Interest/Government/Judicial Opportunities:

Organizations who have been approved as placements and actively seeking students will be posted in R.E.V.S. Many may participate in the Office of Career Services OCI & Resume Collect sessions. Students should apply according to the instructions provided in R.E.V.S. and must submit an application for approval to enroll in the externship program.

In-House/Law Firm Opportunities:

Pre-approved in-house and law firm placements accepting students for the upcoming semester will be posted in R.E.V.S. by the start of the application period.

Summer/Fall 2020 Application Timeframe:
Feb. 26- Mar. 8:          Student Application Period
Mar. 11 – 27:               Interview Period
Mar. 30:                       Offers Made

  • Students:
    • You can apply to a maximum of four (4) externship placements for a given term. Upload your resume and any other requested application materials directly to the posting in R.E.V.S.
    • By the last date of the application period, submit the externship application via R.E.V.S.’ experiential learning module, and rank your preferred placements by the last date of the application period.
    • If you wish to revise your rankings or withdraw your name from consideration for a placement with whom you have previously applied, you must do so by notifying the Extern Director by the last day of the application period.
    • Apply only to sites with whom you are willing to accept an externship. Once a student is referred to a site, the student is committing to accept the externship. If a concern arises during an interview regarding the experience or the student has a compelling reason for wishing to decline, the student must raise it immediately with the Extern Director.
  • When postings close, the Extern Director will match students and placements based upon the students’ interest and those of the sites.  Although all efforts will be made to accommodate students’ preferences, students may not get their first choice.
  • Upon being matched, the student will contact the supervisor for an interview.
  • Supervisors have been asked to interview and make offers by the above date. 
  • Once an externship offer is accepted, the student will notify the Extern Director, and will receive further instructions on finalizing their externship.
  • Students cannot decline or withdraw from the course after accepting an externship without prior Extern Director approval.

Students Identifying Their Own Opportunities:

If you have secured an internship and would like externship credit, you must submit an application to Extern Director for approval. If the placement has not been previously approved, the placement must:

  • Complete the application-questionnaire and return it to the Extern Director; and;
  • Be available to discuss, either by phone or in-person, the program’s requirements and expectations with the Extern Director.

See Supervising Attorney Basic Responsibilities and the Supervising Attorney Eligibility and Application Process for further information.