Field Supervisor's Responsibilities

Externships-courtroom--Grand Prairie City AttyExtern Jesus Marquez (left) with supervising attorney Trish Nasworthy (right) at City of Grand Prairie, City Attorney's Office

Field Supervisors are important partners in guiding the professional development of students. Field Supervisors’ feedback and advice can help students develop the skills and understanding needed to be successful lawyers and professionals, and provide insight into aspects of practice that can only be gained through real world experience. Therefore, in furtherance of the Externship Program’s and students’ goals, here are some basic responsibilities of Field Supervisors:

  • Discuss goals with the student at the beginning of the externship.

  • Assign substantive and meaningful legal and law-related work. This should include opportunities for observation, especially any meetings or hearings connected with issues on which the student worked.

  • Be available to discuss assignments and general observations with the student, and provide feedback on performance. Feedback is critical to a student’s learning, and it is expected that a supervisor will discuss the many aspects of practice or judging – including issues of professional responsibility – throughout the semester

  • Verify the student’s hours, and complete an evaluation (provided by the school) and discuss it with the student at the end of semester.

  • Field Supervisors must agree not to bill a client for a student’s time spent on the client’s case. Additionally, the student cannot be paid by any member of the supervising law firm/company for any work performed during the semester the student is enrolled in the Externship Program.

  • Field Supervisors are subject to the Texas A&M University Nondiscrimination and Abuse Policy.

A copy of the end-of-semester evaluation should be sent to:

Cecily A. Becker
Director, Externship Program
Texas A&M University School of Law
1515 Commerce Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102