General Externship Program Application

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(Must be 2.33 or higher to participate in the Externship Program)

Note: the maximum number of credits that can be earned in part-time (general) externship courses is 6.
* Externship Credit Hours Requested (reference field hour requirements below):

Note: Field hour requirements:
  • First-time participants: 2 credits – ​73 hrs; 3 credits – 1​15 hrs; 4 credits – 158 hrs
  • Returning Students: 2 credits – 85 hrs; 3 credits – 128; 4 credits – 170 hrs

Placement Information

Have you identified a placement?

If you have identified a placement, please provide the name of the organization and supervising attorney, and the attorney’s contact information for approval of the placement.


In addition to this externship, are you or do you plan to work or take a clinic during the semester in which you’d like to extern?


Upload your resume here if requested by Extern Director

I agree that if I accept an externship placement I cannot withdraw without prior approval from the Extern Director.

I authorize the Extern Director to share my resume and discuss academic information as necessary with potential externship placements for the purposes of securing/approving an externship.

I agree that if I accept any employment or internship I will report this to both the Externship Director and the Associate Dean for Experiential Education.

​For questions, contact the Extern Director, Cecily A. Becker, at, 817-212-4058, room 214.

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