General Externship Program Application

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* Is your current GPA above 2.33?

Note: the maximum number of credits that can be earned in part-time (general) externship courses is 6.
* Externship Credit Hours Requested (reference field hour requirements below):

Note: Field hour requirements:
  • First-time participants: 2 credits – ​73 hrs; 3 credits – 1​15 hrs; 4 credits – 158 hrs
  • Returning Students: 2 credits – 85 hrs; 3 credits – 128; 4 credits – 170 hrs

Placement Information

* Have you identified a placement?

If you have identified a placement, please provide the name of the organization and supervising attorney, and the attorney’s contact information for approval of the placement.


* In addition to this externship, are you or do you plan to work or take a clinic during the semester in which you’d like to extern?


Upload your resume here if requested by Extern Director

I agree that if I accept an externship placement I cannot withdraw without prior approval from the Extern Director.

I authorize the Extern Director to share my resume and discuss academic information as necessary with potential externship placements for the purposes of securing/approving an externship.

I agree that if I accept any employment or internship I will report this to both the Externship Director and the Associate Dean for Experiential Education.

​For questions, contact the Extern Director, Cecily A. Becker, at, 817-212-4058, room 214.

Please note that once the form is submitted, it is accessible to the Externship Director and the law school website administrator (school officials with a legitimate educational interest).
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