Application Process / Apply

Please ensure you have read the information about finding a placement before submitting an application.

Regardless if you have secured your placement or are still seeking, students desiring an externship must submit a request to enroll by the following deadlines*:

August 1: for Fall Externship (Approval notifications begin Mar. 15)
November 14: for Spring Externship 
(Open for applications on Sept. 30; Approval notifications begin Oct. 15)
May 1:  for Summer externship (Approval notifications begin Mar. 15)
Note: Summer externships are part of a course requiring summer tuition. Financial Aid may be available. Contact Doug Akins at for additional information.

Once you have an externship offer:

  1. Go to REVS, select the “Experiential Learning” module, select “+New Experience” then enter “Externship” for experiential learning type, and complete the application for externship approval;

  2. Both the student and placement must be approved by the Extern Director for participation in the course;
    • Placements/Field Supervisors who have not participated in the Program must complete an application for approval. See Supervisor Eligibility and Supervisor Application
    • Students requesting externships will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis, and total enrollment is subject to number of spots available in a given semester. 

  3. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): An MOU must be signed for all placements. The MOU can be downloaded from REVS, under the “Documents & Forms” tab, signed by you and your supervisor, and uploaded back to “Documents & Forms.” The MOU can be submitted at the time of application or after we approve your attorney as a supervisor. The MOU should be signed by the person who will be your primary supervisor. Electronic signatures are fine.

  4. Once student & placement/supervisor are approved, you’ll receive an email noting you’ve been approved for the course and we will notify the registrar to enroll you (you won’t be able to self-enroll).

Still ​seeking a ​placement:

If you are still applying for or waiting to hear back about a potential placement or an interview, you still must submit the application form by the deadline.
  • Complete the application, selecting “Still Seeking Placement” and leave in “draft” form.
  • Once you receive an offer, update your application with the placement and supervisor name, and other changes you wish to make, and submit for approval.
  • Submitting the application form does not obligate you to the externship; you may withdraw your application by notifying the Extern Director that your plans have changed (But see In-House/Law Firm Opportunities Requiring Credit).

Applications submitted late will be accepted only on a case-by-case basis.