Application Process / Apply

Please ensure you have read the information about finding a placement before submitting an application.

Regardless if you have secured your placement or are still seeking, students desiring an externship must submit a request to enroll by the following deadlines*:

August 1:  for Fall externship
November 13:  for Spring externship (Approval notifications begin Oct. 15)
Note: The Spring externship course is full. Any new applications for externship credit received through Nov. 13 will be accepted as availability opens up.
May 1:  for Summer externship
Note: Summer externships are part of a course requiring summer tuition. Financial Aid may be available. Contact Doug Akins at for additional information.

* Please check the "Finding a Placement" page for additional deadlines regarding in-house/law firm placements

Once you have secured a placement:

  1. Go to REVS, select the “Experiential Learning” module, select “+New Experience” then enter “Externship” for experiential learning type, then complete the application for enrollment for approval by the Externship Director;

  2. Register for the class via the Student Services course registration form.

  3. Students are waitlisted until both the student and placement are approved;
    • Placements/Field Supervisors who have not participated in the Program must first be approved. See Supervisor Eligibility and Supervisor Application
    • Students requesting externships will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis, and total enrollment is subject to number of spots available in a given semester.
    • For SpringAny externship not finalized by Dec. 1 will lose priority status.

  4. Once student & placement are approved, you’ll receive an email confirming approval and instructions for finalizing your placement. This will include return of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by student and the field supervisor to the Extern Director. Students will remain waitlisted until the MOU is returned.

Still ​seeking a ​placement:

If you are still applying for or waiting to hear back about a potential placement or an interview, you still must submit the application form by the deadline. Submitting the application form does not obligate you to the externship; you may withdraw your application by notifying the Extern Director that your plans have changed. However, any unpaid externship not finalized by the date set forth above will lose priority status.

Once you have secured a placement, ​notify the Extern Director for final approval and complete steps 2 - 4 listed above.

Applications submitted late will be accepted only on a case-by-case basis.