Externship Programs

Connecting Classrooms to Practice

A top-notch legal education extends beyond textbooks and lectures. Practical experiences outside the classroom are vital to comprehensive legal training.

The Externship Programs at Texas A&M School of Law offer our students the opportunity to gain meaningful and substantive legal experience under the supervision and mentorship of practicing attorneys, judges and policy experts.

Students can earn academic credit for legal work performed outside of the classroom in legal settings, such as government entities, public interest organizations, corporate legal departments, law firms, and courts. In an externship, students apply academic learning to the real world, while gaining valuable insight into the operation of legal institutions.

There are opportunities part-time and full-time, both locally and around the nation​ or across the globe. Students can ​obtain a placement in any field of practice or can specialize in public policy.

Check out our different externship opportunities:

externship state capital

 General Externship Program

  • Part-time: 2-4 credit hours
  • Locally or nationally
  • ​Fall, Spring, or Summer semester
  • Placement in any legal field
  • Enrolled in Fieldwork + Seminar Course
    • In-House Externship Section
    • Judicial Externship Section
    • Criminal Law Section
    • General Section (public interest/firm)​
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               General Externship Program                 


 Residency Externship Program:  Semester-in-Practice

  • ​9-12 credit hours​ (pass/fail)
  • Locally, nationally or internationally
  • Fall or Spring semester
  • Placement in any legal field
  • Enrolled in Fieldwork + Seminar Course​
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   Residency Externship: Semester-in-Practice    


 Residency Externship Program  in Public Policy

  • ​​9-12 credit hours
  • In Washington, D.C. or Austin, Texas
  • Spring semester
  • Focused on ​public ​policy
  • Enrolled in Fieldwork Course
    • Two additional seminar courses
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       Residency Externship in Public Policy