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Faculty Speaker Series

The Faculty Speaker Series and the Strategic Planning Series encourages the development of new faculty scholarship by promoting collaboration with other faculty members internally and externally regarding scholarship and teaching issues. The goal of the Series is to enhance the intellectual life and development of the law school and its faculty through collegial dialogue about pressing issues of concern to law professors and others including alumni and students. The Series invites outstanding scholars from around the country to present works-in-progress and features many of Texas A&M's own faculty members presenting works-in-progress. For non-tenured faculty members, a Junior Faculty Workshop is coordinated separately and it allows non-tenured faculty members to collaborate and discuss their works-in-progress amongst themselves.

See the Faculty Speaker Series Archive for Fall 2014 and earlier

SPRING 2015 Faculty Speaker Series

January 21, Sahar Aziz, TAMU Law, "Theater or Transitional Justice: Judicial In(ter)dependence in Egypt"

January 22, John Suh, LegalZoom CEO; Kevin Colangelo, Elevate Services; Robert Ambrogi, Law Sites Editor; Milan Markovic, TAMU Law; "Alternative Legal Service Providers and the Future of Law" (Dallas)

January 28,  Wayne Barnes, TAMU Law

January 30,  Annie Smith, Arkansas Fayetteville/SCALS, “Imposing Injustice: The Prospect of Mandatory Arbitration for Guestworkers”

February 4,  Terri Helge, TAMU Law

February 6,  Gerry Beyer, Texas Tech/SCALS

February 17,  Cynthia Alkon & Jim Hambleton, TAMU Law, Building Committee

February 18,  Greg Vetter, University of Houston Law Center and TAMU Law Visiting Professor, "Are Prior User Rights Good for Software?"

February 25,  Tanya Pierce, TAMU Law

February 27,  Angela Walch, St. Mary's/SCALS, "Bitcoin, Decentralization, and Accountability"

March 4,  Steve Medema, University of Colorado-Denver, “Debating Law’s Irrelevance: Legal Scholarship and the Coase Theorem in the 1960s”

March 18,  Neil Sobol, TAMU Law, “Charging The Poor: Criminal Justice Debt & Modern-Day Debtors’ Prisons”

March 20,  Juselino Colares, Case Western Reserve, "Climate Change Mitigation or Protectionism? Modeling Industry Rent-Seeking When Setting Border Carbon Adjustments or Trade, Energy Security and Climate"

March 25,  Nancy Welsh, Penn State-Carlisle

March 27,  Joe Thai & Stephen Henderson, University of Oklahoma (exchange), "Regulating Civilian Drones"

April 1,  Neil Gotanda, Western State College of Law, “Comparative Racialization: Racial Genealogies and the Black-White Paradigm”

April 6,  Jerry Organ, St. Thomas, "Law School Market"

April 7,  Joe Feagin

April 10, Pam Pierson, Alabama, "The Business of Being a Lawyer"

April 15,  Megan Carpenter, TAMU Law

April 17,  Omar Dejani, McGeorge (exchange)

April 22,  Carol Pauli, TAMU Law

April 24,  Lisa Rich, TAMU Law

April 29,  Cynthia Alkon, TAMU Law, "Hard Bargaining Tactics and Fundamental Fairness in Plea Bargaining: When do Prosecutors Cross the Line?"

May 1,  Access to Justice conference

May 6,  Nantiya Ruan, Strum College of Law, "Scheduling Shortfalls: A Study of Unstable and Insufficient Hours in Low-Wage Work"