Interaction Beyond the Classroom

The current faculty consists of 39 full-time professors plus adjunct professors who provide a considerable range of academic and professional experience. Law schools represented by the faculty’s degrees include American University, Columbia, George Washington, Texas and the University of Southern California, with graduate law degrees from such schools as Chicago, Georgetown, Harvard, New York University, the University of Florida, the University of Virginia, and the University of Wisconsin. Nonlaw doctoral and master’s degrees include Stanford, Michigan, Chicago, Columbia and Harvard.

In addition to their academic backgrounds, the faculty’s diverse professional and community interests are represented in their experiences and activities. Faculty members have held significant positions with the American Bar Association, American Association of Law Libraries, the Law School Admission Council, the National Judicial College, and the Southwestern Legal Foundation. They have served in a variety of governmental positions with the Department of Health and Human Services, the EEOC, the Judge Advocate General Corps, and in the judiciary, state legislatures and as state prosecutors.

Faculty members have contributed numerous articles, essays and other materials for legal publishers and law journals around the country. In addition to pursuing academic, professional and community service interests, the faculty considers effective interaction with individual students to be an extremely important support function.