CLIP Innovation Summit:
Shaping the Future of Law & Entrepreneurship

February 28, 2014, 8:00 a.m., Texas A&M School of Law

Universities nurture the development of ideas. Entrepreneurship nurtures that uniquely American drive to make things better and make better things. The CLIP Innovation Summit focuses on the intersection of the two, and examines the university as a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship. Recent studies by the US Department of Commerce have found that universities across the country promote entrepreneurship and innovation across multiple sectors. Speakers from across the US will lead discussions about creative approaches to cultivating entrepreneurship in the university setting, through an "education evolution" involving experiential learning and programs for entrepreneurs. Experts from the private sector will discuss ways to make a practical impact through incubators, accelerators, and game-changing ideas.

 Keynote Speaker: John Schiller, Chairman and CEO, Energy XXI

 Topics include:

  • Encouraging entrepreneurship from idea to launch
  • Universities as rocket fuel for entrepreneurs
  • Programs for early stage concepts and innovations
  • Law firm models to support entrepreneurship
  • Incubator programs for entrepreneurs at all stages
  • Working remotely with entrepreneurs and lawyers

  Panel sessions:

  • The Next Generation of Innovation
  • Challenges to Supporting Entrepreneurship
  • Education Evolution
  • Expert Collaboration
  • Incubators as Innovators
  • Lessons from the Private Sector

  7.5 hours CLE credit available.

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