2015-16 Tuition and Fees (9-month academic year) Typical Hours per Semester Typical Courses per Semester Number of Years to Complete
Full-Time Program $33,092 14-15 4 3 years
Part-Time Program $24,070 11-12 3 4 years


Tuition & Fees for Texas A&M University School of Law are currently the same for in-state Texas residents and out-of-state/non-residents for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Detailed cost of attendance and student account payment information available here.

Reduced tuition starting Fall 2016!

Beginning Fall 2016, our full-time and part-time resident tuition and fees will be reduced 15.39% for both continuing and entering law students, and will be a locked rate for four academic years, enhancing both affordability and accessibility​. Learn more.

201​6-17 Tuition and Fees
(9-month academic year)
Tuition and Fees
(9-month academic year)
Full-Time Program $28,0​00 ​$33,​668
Part-Time Program $2​2,​000 ​$24,​502