Hope Shelton
9 Week Internship Summer 2017
General Counsel, Trinity River Authority, Arlington, TX

Hope SheltonHope Shelton
During my time with the Authority, I assisted in providing legal support to ongoing water rights permitting efforts, coauthored a law journal article on water reuse in Texas, and revised internal policies.

I attended meetings with TRA clients, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, TCEQ, and the City of Houston. I visited the state capital for a House Committee hearing. I toured several waste water treatment facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, a drinking water treatment facility, and the Lake Livingston dam and the construction of a hydroelectric power facility.

But, I believe the most important thing I learned this summer isn’t related to water at all.

I witnessed great leadership that resulted in a positive, impactful work environment. From the very top of the management, I saw leadership that emanated respect, selfless service, and integrity. This style of leadership flowed down among the ranks and ended with everyone each day making a summer intern feel a part of the team.

I was sad to leave my position as school began again because, while the work was fascinating, it was truly the people who made my internship so special.

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