Master of Jurisprudence (M.Jur.) Admissions Process

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Prior Degree Requirements

  • Applicants for admission to the Texas A&M University School of Law M.Jur. program must have an earned at minimum a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education.
  • Foreign educated students must possess an equivalent degree​.

M.Jur. Options

Applicants choose from four different M.Jur. degree options:


  • All ​M.Jur. applicants must apply by downloading the appropriate M.Jur. Application for Admission. The application and additional documents required to complete the admissions process must be mailed to the Law School.

    In-residence Fort Worth M.Jur. Application (General or Intellectual Property):
    • Revised M.Jur. application for upcoming cohorts coming soon

    In-residence San Antonio M.Jur. Application (Business Law ​curriculum):
    • Revised M.Jur. application for upcoming cohorts coming soon

    Online M.Jur. curricula in Risk Management or Wealth Management Application:


  • In-residence Fort Worth: Deadlines for the in-residence Intellectual Property and General M.Jur. program:
    • For Spring 2018 cohort:
      • Application deadline: ​December 1, 2017

  • In-residence San Antonio: Deadlines for the San Antonio Business Law M.Jur. program:
    • For Fall 2017 matriculation:
      • Timely application deadline: August 15, 2017
      • Late applications accepted until August 25, 2017

  • Online: The online M.Jur. curricula in Wealth Management and Risk Management do not have specific application deadlines. Applications are ​accepted on a rolling basis with cohorts starting Fall, Spring and Summer. Applications and all associated paperwork will need to be received in a timely manner ​to ensure you matriculate into your preferred cohort. We encourage you to apply early to receive a timely admissions decision.

  • Admission is evaluated on a rolling basis; therefore, applicants are encouraged to apply early.

  • The Admissions Committee will give careful consideration to timely submitted applications until reaching program capacity.

Admissions Decisions

Admission decisions are based on a thorough review of each applicant’s file. While the strength of the applicant’s complete academic record figures prominently in the process, a multitude of factors are considered in ascertaining an applicant’s probability of successfully completing the program of study. While satisfying the minimum admission criteria qualifies the applicant to be considered, meeting minimum criteria for admission to the university does not guarantee admission to the program.

Already applied? Check your application status here.

Application Requirements:

A completed application must include the following documents:

Submitted by the Applicant:

  • A completed M.Jur. application for admission.

  • Application Fee: Application fee waived for cohorts that start in 2017.
    • $50 for U.S. educated applicants and $90 for foreign educated applicants.

  • A descriptive resume including details about:
    • The applicant’s educational background, honor societies, military service, extracurricular activities, public/community service, honors and awards, publications, foreign language proficiencies, and any other significant achievements and involvements.
    • The applicant’s relevant work history. Be sure to include the name of the employer or organization, location, dates of employment, position(s) held, a general description of duties performed, and any employer recognized achievements.

  • A statement of interest typed, double-spaced not exceeding two pages. The statement should address:
    • The applicant’s program of interest – M.Jur. in Intellectual Property or General ​M.Jur. If opting for the General ​M.Jur., the applicant must indicate the desired area of study within the residential M.Jur. or if opting for the online-only curricula in either Wealth Management or Risk Management.
    • The applicant’s educational and professional experiences that have prepared him or her for advanced study.
    • The applicant’s professional plans and goals following completion of the program of study.

  • Statements, if applicable, explaining affirmative answers to questions in the Academic and Personal Conduct section of the application.

Submitted by other individuals or institutions:

  • Two letters of recommendation:
    Re​commendation letters must address the applicant’s ​readiness for advanced study. Applicants are strongly encouraged to ​​solicit recommendation letters from current or former professors and past or present supervisors. Letters of recommendation based primarily on personal relationships should be avoided. Recommenders must submit letters directly to the School of Law.

  • Official academic transcripts:
    ​Applicants must arrange to have official transcripts from all ​post-secondary institutions attended​ submitted directly to the School of Law. Where applicable, the transcript must reflect the conferral of an earned degree.

    Foreign educated applicants, those who completed their bachelor’s degree outside the U.S., its territories, or Canada, are required to submit all transcripts with an official English translation.  Official translations must be prepared by a recognized translation service and include all original seals and/or signatures. Applicants currently attending a U.S. institution may arrange for their current school to submit copies of their official transcript(s) directly to the School of Law.

  • English Language Proficiency:
    In addition to all other application requirements, foreign educated applicants must demonstrate their English language proficiency through the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). This applies to all international applicants whose first language is not English and/or who received degrees from an institution outside the U.S., its territories, or Canada.  Test scores must be sent directly from the testing agency to Texas A&M University School of Law. Scores reported within the last two (2) years are acceptable. The recommended score for the TOEFL is 100 on the internet-based test (TOEFL-iBt).  The recommended score for the IELTS is 7.0.

M.Jur. Application Submission Address

The admission application and all supporting documents should be mailed to:

Texas A&M University School of Law
Office of Admissions – Masters of Jurisprudence Program
1515 Commerce Street
Fort Worth, Texas  76102