General Master of Jurisprudence


The M.Jur. program will provide you with a solid understanding of the legal issues relevant to your career, and will prepare you to interact most effectively with lawyers and the legal system.

Students in this 30-hour credit program will ​create a personalized course of study, enrolling in at least three courses in one of the focus areas below and choosing the balance of their course work from a wide range of substantive and skills classes.

M.Jur. students will take Introduction to the U.S. Legal System in their first term, as well as a drafting or writing course related to their area of interest. In addition, General M.Jur. students will also complete either a thesis or a capstone project.

To help plan and direct their degree plans, all M.Jur. students will be assigned and will regularly meet with an advisor from the School of Law’s full-time faculty.

Student ​Engagement

M.Jur. students are fully integrated into the daily life of the School of Law, and are encouraged to attend and participate in all of our professional development, co-curricular, and outside speaker activities, as well as the many conferences and symposia sponsored by the School of Law.

Professionalism & Leadership ProgramIn particular, M.Jur. students are invited to become involved in our innovative Professionalism and Leadership Program (PLP). The PLP ​helps students work through the development of their professional identities and the acquisition of skills that are vital to the practice of law. For example, the PLP sponsors workshops throughout the academic year focusing on core lawyering and professionalism competencies, including effective communication, business and accounting acumen, mindfulness, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

We will begin accepting applications September 1, 2016, for the Spring 2017, Summer 2017 and Fall 2017 semesters.