International Tax Curriculum

The Texas A&M School of Law International Tax graduate degree program is a 24 (LL.M.) or 30 (M.Jur.) credit hour program. Normally, candidates will enroll for two courses per semester. Thus, most candidates will reach eligibility to graduate within two years. Candidates have the flexibility as to how many or few courses to enroll in each term, subject to university graduate program rules. Candidates may complete the program in one year to as long as four years.

Program Curriculum Course List:
      ​     Introduction to the U.S. Legal System (2 credits, required) 
           Ethics in Decision Making (1 credit, required to graduate)
      ​     International Taxation & Treaties I (3 credits) 
      ​     International Taxation & Treaties II (3 credits) 
Transfer Pricing I (3 credits)
Tax Risk Management (3 credits)
International Tax Planning (3 credits)
U.S. International Tax (3 credits)
VAT/GST/Sales (3 credits)
Transfer Pricing II (3 credits)
FATCA & CRS (3 credits)
Country Tax Systems (3 credits)
EU Taxation (3 credits)
Customs & Excises (3 credits)

Model sequence of courses:
Term 1: International Taxation & Treaties I (3)
Term 2: International Taxation & Treaties II (3)
Term 3: Transfer Pricing I (3)
Term 4: Transfer Pricing II (3)
Term 5: Tax Risk Management (3)
Term 6: International Tax Planning (3)
Term 7: Country Tax Systems (3)
Term 8: U.S. International Tax (3)
Term 9: EU Taxation (3)
Term 10: VAT/GST/Sales (3)
Customs & Excises (3)

  • The Master of Laws (LL.M.) candidates must complete at least 24 credits to be eligible to graduate.
  • The Master of Jurisprudence (M.Jur.) candidates must complete at least 30 credits to be eligible to graduate.
  • All candidates must complete the Ethics in Decision Making course to be eligible to graduate.

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This program is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and has obtained acquiescence from the American Bar Association (ABA).