Public Interest Law Fellowship

Selfless Service
It's who we are. It's what we do.

President's Message

Tie She Chavis3L Tie She` Chavis (Shay), 2017-18 President of the Texas A&M Public Interest Law Fellowship

Serving as President of the Texas A&M Law Fellowship for the 2017-2018 class has been a humbling experience. The Law Fellowship’s mission embodies the Aggie Core values of Leadership and Selfless Service. The goal of the organization is to provide crucial legal services to those who cannot otherwise afford them by encouraging law students to commit their time and expertise to organizations who benefit under-represented communities. This past summer, our fellows dedicated more than 5,500 hours to public service legal work throughout Texas.

The dedication shown by our fellows is unmatched and we are proud to continue the tradition of giving back to the community.

The support we've received to date from the community is tremendous, and for that I am grateful. As a student-run organization, we cannot achieve our goals or grow further without the support of donors and sponsors. It is through your generous donations, sponsorship, volunteer hours and attendance at our annual Gala and Auction that makes achieving our mission possible.

On behalf of all of the Fellows, thank you!

Tie She` L. Chavis (Shay)
J.D. Candidate, 2018
President, Texas A&M Public Interest Law Fellowship
Texas A&M University School of Law