Dean's Cup Contest

Spring 2017 Dean's Cup Contest​ Winners:

Juan Castillo, Kimbell Kesling, Cash Barker, Karmah Stokes, and Patton Ritter
Not pictured: Anthony Pax, Daniel Moore, Tie She Chavis and Rebecca Lynn Beam

Fall 2016 Dean's Cup Contest​ Winners:

Fall 2016 Deans Cup Winners
Cary Bruner ‘07, Dean Morriss, Avani Javia ‘19, Jaime Cavazos ‘17, Frances Finley ‘17 and Kristin Newby ‘19.
Not Pictured: Willie Shipp ‘18, Carl Zoellner ‘17, Jessica Nguyen ‘19 & Scott Hersh ‘18

Spring 2016 Dean's Cup Contest Winners

Join Dean Morriss in congratulating these students on a job well done!

Student Affairs:
​Charles Lincoln          

Career Services:
Henrik Strand
​Laura Ellen Flint
Sunny Cox

Academic ​​Support:
Aimee Kline
Jimmy "Dwight" Tom

Student Services/Registrar:
​Elizabeth Shannon
​Gabriel Arteaga
​Kathleen Bausell

DeansCup-Spring2016Sunny Cox, ​Dean Morriss, Aimee Kline, Henrik Strand, Dwight Tom, Laura Ellen Flint, Charles Lincoln, and Kathleen Bausell
Not pictured:  Elizabeth Shannon and Gabriel Arteaga

Inaugural Dean's Cup Contest winners:

Join Dean Morriss in congratulating these students on a job well done!

Student Affairs:
Robin Mills '18
Cielo Fortin-Camacho '17          

Career Services:
Joshua Ramirez '18
William Gribble '17
Tyler Gregston '16

Academic Support:
Carrie Murdock '16
Emily Hindman '16

Student Services/Registrar:
Nathan Surprise '15
Christopher Nabzdyk '16
Erika Wheeler '1​6

Deans Cup Winners 1Left to right:  Christopher Nabzdyk ’16, William Gribble ’17, Carrie Murdock ’16, Robin Mills ’18, Erika Wheeler ’17 and Joshua Ramirez ’18
Deans Cup Winners 2L​eft to right:  Nathan Surprise ’15 and Emily Hindman ’16

Not pictured:  Cielo Fortin-Camacho ’17 and Tyler Gregston ’16

Dean Morriss with the Dean's Cup


Contest Info

Each semester Dean’s Cups will be awarded to students based on criteria set forth by the departments listed below. Each department will select 3 students who meet the qualifying criteria (a 1L, 2L, and 3L).

The qualifying criteria for each department can be found in the rules document below​ and on flyers and electronic signage throughout the building and will be posted outside the various departments. Criteria must be met by the last day of class.

The Dean’s Cup is not available for purchase and can only be obtained by participating in the Dean’s Cup contest!

Students may participate in one or more departments but will only receive one Cup if selected as the winner for the current semester’s contest. In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by criteria previously determined by the department.

Please note: If a Cup has already been bestowed upon you from a previous Dean’s Cup Contest, you are, unfortunately, ineligible from any/all future contests due to the fear of over-hydration!

Contest​ rules [pdf].