L​ow Income Tax Clinic
Information for Potential Clients

We help eligible taxpayers resolve problems with the IRS, such as if the IRS disagrees with the tax returns you filed or you are unable to pay the amounts owed. You may qualify for free help from the attorneys and law students at the Low Income Tax Clinic with problems such as:

  • Representing you during IRS audits
  • Helping resolve questions regarding the Earned Income Tax Credit, identity theft, or other issues
  • Challenging the audit through the internal IRS appeals process
  • Challenging the audit in the U.S. Tax Court
  • Negotiating installment payment agreements for amounts you owe the IRS
  • Negotiating reductions in amounts you owe the IRS if you cannot afford to pay
  • Protecting you from IRS attempts to collect amounts owed by garnishing your wages or taking money from your bank accounts
  • Seeking relief from amounts owed on a joint return you filed, when you subsequently divorced or were separated from your spouse
  • Filing refund claims

Our clinic is limited to low income taxpayers and to certain services. Our staff will ask you questions about your situation to determine if you qualify and decide whether to take your case.

Law students at the Texas A&M University School of Law will handle your case, but they will be working under the supervision of a qualified and experienced tax attorney. Depending on how long it takes to resolve your case, it may be transferred to another law student after a new semester begins. Although the law students are not yet attorneys, they will be authorized by the IRS and the Tax Court to represent clients before they work on your case.

The clinic only sees potential clients by appointment. We are located in the Star-Telegram Building at 307 W. 7th Street, on the lower level in Suite LL50. Our normal hours of operations are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, but we may be able to make evening appointments to meet your schedule.

The Tax Clinic is funded in part by a grant from the Taxpayer Advocate Service, an independent office within the IRS. Congress established the Taxpayer Advocate Service as your voice at the IRS. It helps people resolve tax problems with the IRS and recommends changes that prevent problems. An important part of its work is supporting and working with low income tax clinics like ours, throughout the country. Although our clinic is funded in part by the IRS, we are completely independent. You are our clients, and we do not share your information with the IRS other than as necessary to resolve your case.

For screening and an appointment, please contact us at 817-212-4062 or LITC@law.tamu.edu