Criminal Defense Clinic

In the Criminal Defense Clinic, students learn a model of criminal defense advocacy rooted in a whole-client (holistic) ethos. Students work with clients, client families, community organizations, and experts in various disciplines to defend clients facing misdemeanor charges in Tarrant County Criminal Court. Clinic students will appear in court at pretrial appearances and hearings, potentially representing clients at trial. Students should expect to visit clients incarcerated at the local detention center and to help connect clients to necessary social services.  

The Criminal Defense Clinic student teams also work collaboratively on community projects to enhance justice for people interacting with the criminal justice system in Tarrant Country. Students in the clinic can expect to:

  • Develop client-centered, trauma-sensitive lawyering practices;
  • Build trial advocacy skills;
  • Critically analyze systemic injustices;
  • Recognize issues related to pretrial incarceration;
  • Learn to build client narratives and hone negotiation skills;
  • Work with interdisciplinary experts; and
  • Engage in in-depth fact investigation, including visits to scenes and interviews of witnesses.

Semester offered:    Fall only
Units:                         4
Faculty:                      Amber Baylor
Pre-Requisite:            Evidence & 45 completed hours
Recommended:         Criminal Procedure             
Evaluation:                Graded Course