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Cost of Attendance (COA)

Built from allowances for expenses directly related to school attendance.

Tuition & Fees for Texas A&M University School of Law are currently the same for in-state Texas residents and out-of-state/non-residents. 

(On the chart below, "F-T" is Full-Time and "P-T" is Part-Time.)

Cost (2014-15 Academic Year -- 2 semesters) F-T
P-T 2L/3L
Tuition and Fees
Anticipated charges for program of study and a nine (9) month academic year
$33,092 $24,070 $33,092 $24,070
Books and Supplies
Estimated bookstore charges, plus allowance for supplies, study aids, etc.
$2,050 $1,326 $1,200 $800
Room and Board
Surveys of monthly housing rents paid by students in Fort Worth and on federal cost of living data and based on a nine (9) month academic year.
$15,526 $15,526 $15,526 $15,526
A monthly basis and historical data for an academic year.
$990 $990 $990 $990
Personal and Miscellaneous Expenses
A monthly basis and historical data for an academic year.
$3,124 $3,124 $3,124 $3,124
Loan fees
Average loan fees incurred by law students enrolled here.
$138 $138 $138 $128
Total $54,920 $45,174 $54,070 $44,648

Projected cost of attending law school, including tuition, fees and the reasonable cost of living while attending classes each academic year. COA determines the per student limit for total financial aid from all combined sources under federal regulations.

  • Breakdown of TAMU tuition and fees estimates by semester credit hour available here.
  • Potential adjustments to the COA may include one-time computer purchase, childcare assistance, and major unreimbursed medical expense.
  • All adjustments to the COA will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be approved through the Office of Financial Aid.

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