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There is no separate application for scholarships; all applicants are considered at the time they are admitted to our program. Admitted student scholarships are awarded on a 3- or 4-year basis and may be maintained by achieving the ranking criteria associated with the specific scholarship awarded.

Continuing student scholarships are awarded to students who did not originally receive scholarship at the time of an admit decision but who have distinguished themselves at the end of their first academic year. There is also the opportunity to receive an increased award after the first academic year for students with entering scholarship and who have distinguished themselves academically.

Average Scholarship Award: $15,157.48
Number of scholarships awarded to the fall 2013 entering class: 90
Average Scholarship Award 2012: $12,416.00


Scholarship and Tuition Waiver Retention Data

The following table summarizes the number of conditional scholarships awarded to students in recent entering classes and the number of students whose conditional scholarships have been reduced or eliminated.  Students who voluntarily withdrew during their first year of law school without receiving grades are not included in these figures. Additionally, students who met the conditions for the renewal of their scholarships, but transferred to another law school, are not included in these figures.

Students Matriculating In

# Entering with Conditional Scholarships

# Whose Conditional Scholarships Have Since Been Reduced or Eliminated

Previous Academic Year 2012-2013

 137  84

Previous Academic Year -1 2011-2012

 126  81

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NOTE - For the 2011-2012, 2012-2013, and 2013-2014 academic years, retention criteria for scholarships or tuition waivers were either top 25% or top 50%. For the 2014-2015 academic year, all institutional awards require students to maintain a 3.000 GPA (historically, approximately the top 50% of the 1L class). You can access Texas A&M Law's grading policies in our online 2013-2014 catalog.

Disclaimer: The University reserves the right to change any policy, requirement, or fee at any time during the student's enrollment. The academic standards may change at any time during a student's course of study. The Catalog is updated annually, and we expect the 2014-2015 edition to be available online in approximately mid-August 2014.

There are many external scholarship opportunities and writing competitions with cash awards available to law students.