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Commitment to Diversity

In the October 1999 edition of the American Bar Association Journal, ABA president William G. Paul cited compelling data that stated 90 percent of lawyers in America today are white, and enrollment in law schools is about 80 percent white. This same data showed that people of color represent 30 percent of American society. Paul went on to say that this trend puts at risk “the historic role of lawyers as the connecting link between our society and the rule of law.”

Since its inception in 1989, the Law School has understood the importance of diversity. In fact, the school’s founders and its first dean, Frank Elliott, built the school with the mission of access in mind. At Texas A&M, the word “diversity” denotes inclusiveness. Because of this, the school’s mission goes far beyond the scope of racial and ethnic diversity to include age, economic, geographic, and international diversity as well.

To meet the challenge of ensuring institution-wide diversity, Texas A&M has a number of faculty, recruiting, student and academic initiatives designed to reflect the diverse society in which we all live.