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Financial Aid

The university works with individual students to provide the best financial aid package the student is eligible to receive. The financial aid package may include several types of assistance for funding a law school education, including scholarships, grants, employment opportunities, and loan programs. A majority of law students receive some form of financial assistance.

To apply for financial aid, all applicants must complete and submit the following form:

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
The FAFSA is required to establish eligibility for federal loans. File the FAFSA electronically on the web at using your tax return information for the appropriate year. If you do not have web access, you may mail a completed FAFSA form to the federal processing center. This should be done as soon as possible after January 1. Do not send tax forms to the processing center. Please enter our Title IV Institutional Code, 003632, on the FAFSA, so that we may obtain the report information electronically.

The FAFSA results – a Student Aid Report (SAR) – will be made available electronically to the student. Review the SAR for accuracy and further instructions. If corrections are needed, contact the financial aid office. If a student has authorized Texas A&M University to receive the information, the financial aid office should be sent an Institutional Student Information Record from the Department of Education.

Priority will be given to students who have the FAFSA results and any additional documents needed to determine their eligibility on file by April 1.  New students must have been offered admission to the law school to be eligible for an offer of aid.  Continuing students must be registered for classes to be eligible for an offer of aid.

The FAFSA data is used for qualification for all need-based aid and all federal aid, including loans.  Upon receipt of the FAFSA results, we will review each student’s financial aid application file.  We will contact the student if additional documents are needed.

Once a file is complete, the results of the FAFSA and other documents will be reviewed to determine eligibility for aid.  An award notification will be emailed to the student with instructions to visit the Howdy Portal at to view the awards.  The student must read and follow the accompanying instructions carefully to accept award offers and put aid funds in place.

If a student is eligible to receive a Federal Unsubsidized loan, the student should accept any desired amount in the Howdy Portal.  A valid Master Promissory Note (MPN) must be completed at for Texas A & M University.

The student also may be offered eligibility to borrow a Federal Graduate PLUS loan.  The Grad PLUS loan requires a credit approval and a Grad PLUS MPN.  To accept the Grad PLUS loan award and borrow funds, the student should visit and select the option to Request a Direct PLUS Loan.  An approval usually is displayed immediately.  A student who does not qualify for an immediate approval may be approved later, or may be eligible for an approval with a qualified loan endorser.  The MPN should be completed in the same website.

Loan refunds are released at the start of the semester and are deposited directly to the student’s account at a financial institution.  Students are encouraged to set up direct deposit in the Howdy Portal under My Finances.

First time borrowers for any federal loan must have completed federally required Loan Entrance Counseling, available in the website, for Texas A & M University.  Students may add Texas A & M University to an existing loan entrance counseling record to meet the requirement.  This must be completed before release of federal loan funds.  Qualified personnel also are available to answer students’ questions during the new student orientation at the start of the fall semester.

Texas A&M University was founded in 1876 as a military academy and is proud of its long standing tradition with the military services. We want to help veterans and their dependents maximize their funding for attendance here, and we participate in federal and state programs to provide benefits for law students. Please visit our Veteran Services website for further information about how to qualify and how to apply, located here:

Academic Progress Standards
Federal regulations require that students who wish to receive federal financial aid must maintain satisfactory academic progress as established by the institution. Information on the law school’s academic standards is available free of charge from the student services office.

For More Information
For more information on financial aid, visit our website at or contact the Office of Financial Aid at 1515 Commerce Street, Fort Worth, Texas, 76102 or 817-212-4090 or 800-733-9529.

*For a limited number, University employment is available in the law library, the bookstore and with various professors as student assistants. Students may obtain additional information from the library or the student services office.

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