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Full-time Day Program

The full-time day program allows you to concentrate on the law school experience, including extracurricular activities, leadership opportunities, networking and community service. The time spent focusing on education allows you the chance to reflect on career progress and to consider your future goals. The duration of the full-time program is also typically shorter than the part-time programs.

The full-time day division program includes a three-year course of study, consisting of 14-week fall and spring semesters. Full-time day students are admitted in the fall of each academic year. A seven-week summer session, with a limited course load, is available for full-time and part-time students.

Classes are scheduled Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 6:15 p.m., and vary in length from one to two hours. A full-time student is required to take between 13 and 16 credits each semester.

The prescribed sequence of lockstep courses for full-time day students is:

First semester (fall) courses:
  • Criminal Law - 4 credit hours
  • Legal Analysis, Research & Writing I - 3 credit hours
  • Legislation & Regulation - 3 credit hours
  • Torts - 4 credit hours
Second semester (spring) courses:
  • Civil Procedure - 4 credit hours
  • Contracts - 4 credit hours
  • Legal Analysis, Research & Writing II - 3 credit hours
  • Property - 4 credit hours
Third semester (fall) courses:
  • Constitutional Law - 4 credit hours

Advanced Required Courses
In addition to required lockstep courses, all students must successfully complete these courses:

  • Business Associations - 4 credits
  • Criminal Procedure - 3 credits
  • Evidence - 4 credits
  • Legal Analysis, Research & Writing III - 2 or 3 credit hours
  • Professional Responsibility - 2 credit hours
  • Wills & Estates - 3 credit hours

Summer Term
The law school offers a limited number of courses during one seven-week summer session. Summer classes meet during the day and in the evenings. Students can enroll in up to 8 units per session for full-time students and 6 units per session for part-time students.