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Audit Policy

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Students who are currently enrolled in Texas A&M University School of Law may audit a class offered by the law school after they have completed their first year (full-time students) or their first two years (part-time students) if the professor approves and space is available in the class. See also Academic Standard 3.9 for further information on student auditing.

Auditing of a law school class is not permitted by a person, other than a current student, who has not graduated from an ABA-approved law school. Law school graduates seeking to audit a course must first obtain the approval of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. All audits are subject to space availability in the class and the approval of the professor.

No credit hours are earned when a course is audited. The fee for alumni to audit one class is 30 percent of the highest credit hour fee charged to current students; the fee for other law school graduates is the full fee for the credit hour charged to current students. The fee will be waived for law graduates 65 years of age or older.