Law Clinic

Your Chance to Practice Law

Law school and reality meet head-on in the Law Clinic. For the first time, students will wrestle as a legal intern with legal and ethical issues involving real people. Students are eligible to enroll in the Law Clinic when they have completed 45 hours in law school - usually coinciding with the second semester of the second year of law school for full-time students

The Law Clinic focuses on the following areas of law: family law, children's issues, simple wills, and Social Security and SSI disability.

A focus on children's issues allows students to be an advocate on a variety of cases affecting children who are at risk of abuse or neglect. A focus in family law allows students to be an advocate for the needs of people of all ages in domestic violence cases and people needing a divorce. A focus on Social Security and SSI law allows students to help clients who need disability benefits due to severe physical and/or mental impairments.

In all cases, students conduct interviews, investigate cases, draft pleadings and documents, build case theories, and appear in court, and file appeals as counsel under experienced attorney supervision.

Clinic openings Spring 2015