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Malinda Seymore
Professor of Law
Texas A&M University School of Law
1515 Commerce Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Phone: (817) 212-4005  Fax: (817) 212-3965
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J.D. cum laude 1986 Baylor University School of Law. B.A. 1982 Rice University. Editor, Baylor Law Review.

Staff attorney, research attorney and briefing attorney, 5th Court of Appeals (Dallas). Published articles in the Yale Journal of Law & Feminism, the Northwestern University Law Review, the Texas Wesleyan Law Review, the Voice for the Defense and the American Journal of Criminal Law. Sponsor, Organization of Women Law Students.

Research/Teaching Areas
Criminal Law
Criminal Procedure
Feminist Jurisprudence
Texas Criminal Procedure
Women and the Law

Current Projects
Psychotherapist-Patient Privilege in Rape Cases

Representative Publications
"Isn't it a Crime: Feminist Perspectives on Spousal Immunity and Spousal Violence"
90 Northwestern Univ. L. Rev. 1032 (1996)

"Against the Peace & Dignity of the State: Spousal Violence and Spousal Privilege"
2 Tex. Wesleyan L. Rev. 239 (1995)

19 Voice for the Defense 7 (Summer 1990)(with Justice Linda Thomas)

"Appellate Reversal for Insufficient Evidence in Criminal Cases: the Interaction of the Proof and the Jury Charge"
16 American Journal of Criminal Law 161 (1989)(with Mark Thielman)

"Batson v. Kentucky: A New Weapon for the Defense"
17 Voice for the Defense 21 (October 1987)(part I)
17 Voice for the Defense 37 (November 1987)(part II)(with Mark Thielman)

"Recent Appellate Victories for the Defense in Narcotics Cases"
16 Voice for the Defense 28 (March 1987)(with Mark Thielman)

"Effective Oral Argument"
1990 Advanced Criminal Law Seminar, State Bar of Texas (with Justice Linda Thomas)

1990 Ultimate Trial Notebook II, State Bar Convention (with Justice Linda Thomas)

1989, 1988 & 1987 New Judges School, Texas Center for the Judiciary (with Justice Linda Thomas)

"Judicial Ethics"
1989 Regional Judges Conference, Texas Center for the Judiciary (with Justice Linda Thomas)

Personal Interests
Collecting antique quilts
Counted Cross-stitching

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