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Faculty Speaker Series & Strategic Planning Series

The Faculty Speaker Series and the Strategic Planning Series encourages the development of new faculty scholarship by promoting collaboration with other faculty members internally and externally regarding scholarship and teaching issues. The goal of the Series is to enhance the intellectual life and development of the law school and its faculty through collegial dialogue about pressing issues of concern to law professors and others including alumni and students. The Series invites outstanding scholars from around the country to present works-in-progress and features many of Texas A&M's own faculty members presenting works-in-progress. For non-tenured faculty members, a Junior Faculty Workshop is coordinated separately and it allows non-tenured faculty members to collaborate and discuss their works-in-progress amongst themselves.

See the Faculty Speaker Series Archive for Spring 2014 and earlier

FALL 2014 Faculty Speaker Series

September 3, Bill Henderson, University of Indiana, Strategic Planning Series - employment, LSSSE, & structured interviewing

September 9, Jose Luis Burmudez, Texas A&M University Provost Office, Strategic Planning Series - metrics, diversity

September 15,  Raymond Pierce, Nelson Mullins, Strategic Planning Series - trends in legal education, access to legal careers

September 17,  Mike Koehler, Southern Illinois School of Law, “Bribery: What is It, Who Decides, and How to Address It”

September 18,  Issac Bowers, Equal Justice Works, Strategic Planning Series - law school engagement & advocacy

September 26,  Meg Penrose, TAMU Law, "Speaking Out: The First Amendment Rights of College Athletes”

October 3,  Mark Burge, TAMU Law

October 7,  Tom Metzloff, Duke, Strategic Planning Series - buildings

October 9,  Sam Estricher, NYU Law School, Strategic Planning Series - scholarship & bar

October 17,  Gary Lucas, TAMU Law, “Behavioral Public Choice and the Law”

October 20,  Charlotte Ku, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaigne, Strategic Planning Series - international programs

October 22,  Peter Reilly, TAMU Law

October 27,  Ron Krotoszynski, University of Alabama, Strategic Planning Series - scholarship

October 29,  Sung Hui Kim, UCLA, "Puzzles of Insider Trading Law”

October 30,  Chris Chapman, Access Group, Strategic Planning Series - Financing Legal Education

November 3,  Edwin Rubin, Strategic Planning Series

November 5,  Gabriel Eckstein,  TAMU Law, “International Water Law and Transboundary Ground Water Resources”

November 13,  Edwin Rubin, Vanderbilt, Strategic Planning Series - curriculum reform

November 18,  Peg Demers, TAMU Law, Strategic Planning Series - Finance

November 19,  Milan Markovic,  TAMU Law

November 20,  Artie Errisuriz, TAMU Law, Strategic Planning Series - Career Services

November 21,  Kathy Hessler, Lewis & Clark, Strategic Planning Series

December 3,  Michael Green, TAMU Law, "NLRB as Ɯberagency"