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Faculty Speaker Series

The Faculty Speaker Series encourages the development of new faculty scholarship by promoting collaboration with other faculty members internally and externally regarding scholarship and teaching issues. The goal of the Series is to enhance the intellectual life and development of the law school and its faculty through collegial dialogue about pressing issues of concern to law professors and others including alumni and students. The Series invites outstanding scholars from around the country to present works-in-progress and features many of Texas Wesleyan's own faculty members presenting works-in-progress. For non-tenured faculty members, a Junior Faculty Workshop is coordinated separately and it allows non-tenured faculty members to collaborate and discuss their works-in-progress amongst themselves. All presentations are held Wednesdays at noon, unless indicated otherwise.

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SPRING 2014 Faculty Speaker Series

January 22,  Sahar Aziz,  “Coercive Assimilationism in the Workplace: A Case Study”

January 24,  Ken Gallant, William H. Bowen School of Law,  “International Criminal Jurisdiction”

January 29,  Gary Lucas,  “Out of Sight, Out of Mind: How Opportunity Cost Neglect Harms Democracy”

February 5,  Tim Mulvaney,  “Progressive Property Moving Forward”

February 7,  Milan Markovic,  “Law Schools and Disruption in the Legal Market”

February 19,  Malinda Seymore,  “Openness in International Adoption”

March 19,  James Fox,  Stetson University College of Law,  "Black Originalism? Toward a Theory of Counterpublic Originalism"

March 21,  Cynthia Alkon,  “Towards Defining Competence in Negotiating Plea Bargains: Beyond Lafler & Frye”

March 26,  Lisa Rich,  “Federal Certificates of Rehabilitation as a Reentry Tool”

March 28,  Jane Cohen, University of Texas School of Law, "Colleges and Rapes: A (Partial) Correlative Account"

April 2,  William Casto, Texas Tech University School of Law,  “Advising Presidents: Attorney General Robert Jackson Confronts Illegal Wiretapping by the FBI”

April 4,  Srividhya Ragavan, University of Oklahoma College of Law,  “Patents and the Progress of Science Limitation”

April 11,  Glynn Lunney, Tulane University School of Law,  “FTC v. Actavis: The Patent-Antitrust Intersection Revisited”

April 16,  Carol Pauli,  “Media and Mediation”

April 23,  Neal Newman,  “Will Small Business Get Jobbed by the J.O.B.S Act?”

April 25,  Gina Warren,  “Distributed Generation”

April 30,  Division of Research, Texas A&M University, Topics in Faculty Research