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General Information


The law library does not have change. If you need change for the copy machines or for any other reason, please visit the bookstore on the 2nd floor.

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Computer Classroom

The law library’s computer classroom is dedicated to training sessions that require each participant to have access to a computer.  Access to the computer classroom is limited to current law students, faculty and staff.  Users must swipe their law school ID to enter.

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Copy Machines


Copy machines are located in the photocopy room.  In addition to providing copies, they are capable of scanning documents which are delivered to email in PDF format.  Copies cost 10¢ per page, but scanning is free for students only to their office law school email account.

Copy cards may be purchased from the copy card dispenser located in the photocopy room. The copy card itself costs $1 and must be purchased with a $1 bill. After purchase, value may be added to the card with $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills.

The law library does not have change.  Use the change machine in the student lounge (2nd floor) or go to the business office (1st floor) or bookstore (2nd floor).  Neither the copy machines nor the library can accept checks or credit cards.

The copyright laws of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) govern the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Persons using the photocopiers are liable for any copyright infringement.

Please report copy machine malfunctions to the circulation clerk.

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Electronic Compact Shelving

In order to maximize the space available for our collection, the law library uses an electronic compact shelving system. This system can be confusing to those unfamiliar with it. For safety information and instructions on how to operate the electronic shelving, please see this guide or ask a reference librarian for assistance.

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At this time, the law library cannot provide fax machines or faxing services for patrons.

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Food, Drink and Tobacco Use Policy

Food and non-alcoholic drinks are allowed in the library.  Drinks must be in covered, non-spillable containers.  Users must clean up after themselves and promptly report spills.  All tobacco use is prohibited.

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Gifts to the Law Library

The law library is not able to accept donations at this time.  If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Law, Head of Collection Development, at 817-212-3808.

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Guest Computers

There are two guest computers located in the law library reading room, near the reference desk and two in the rear of the library. These computers are for legal research only.  Printing is only available at the two computers located in the reading room.  Printing is 10¢ per page and requires a copy card that can be purchased for $1 from the copy card dispenser in the photocopy room.

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Lost and Found

A lost and found is maintained at the circulation desk. However, items of substantial value are taken to the business office. The law library is not responsible for articles turned into the lost and found or for articles left at the circulation desk for other patrons.

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Newspapers and Magazines

The law library maintains subscriptions to a variety of local and national newspapers and magazines. Current and recent issues of these periodicals are kept in the Reading Room. If you would like to check out one of these items, please ask the circulation clerk for assistance.

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Noise in the Library

The law library is a busy place.  While users should be respectful of each other, silence is not a reasonable expectation.  Those seeking a quiet study environment should use the tables located on the south wall.  The library tends to be much quieter after 6:00 p.m. when reference service ends.  Complimentary earplugs are always available at the circulation desk.

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The law library does not have an internal pager system and cannot page library patrons. Clerks and librarians will not leave the circulation or reference desks to search for individual law library patrons unless there is an emergency.

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Reshelving Books

Patrons are welcome to reshelve their own books if they wish. For those who are not comfortable reshelving their items, reshelving carts are placed around the law library. Simply leave your books on a cart and the library staff will reshelve them.

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Restrooms are located in the rear of the law library. Follow the central aisle to the back of the law library; the restrooms are to the left.

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Special Collections Room

Information & Policies:

The primary purpose of the Dee J. Kelly Law Library Special Collections Room is to provide access to the law library’s archival materials. Although archives generally have very restrictive policies, the Dee J. Kelly Law Library prefers to make the room available to the entire law school community for small meetings.

The Special Collections Room offers meeting space for 8 and is equipped with both wired and wireless internet connections, audio visual projection equipment, and conference call capability. Requestors must provide their own laptop or request that the Information Technology department set one up (IT Media Request Form).
The room is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Groups wishing to use the room must be sponsored by a School of Law faculty or staff member. It is not designed to be used as a study room or seminar room.

If the meeting will include attendees from outside the law school, please inform Security of their visit and familiarize guests with the law school’s parking and security procedures.
Refreshments are permitted but must be limited to light hors d’oeuvres and clear liquids and remain in the conference table area. Requestor is responsible for ensuring that all food and drink is picked up and that the room is clean at the end of the meeting.

To Reserve:

Contact Janis Betts by email or call 817-212-3826. Requestors will be asked to identify the event, its date and time, their affiliation with the law school, and their technology needs. If the room can be made available, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the requestor.


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Study Carrels and Tables

Study carrels and tables are located throughout the law library and are available on a first-come first-served basis. All books left on carrels or tables will be reshelved unless a signed, dated note is placed on the books asking that they be left in place. Even if a note is present, books left on tables or carrels will be reshelved after 24 hours.  All of the seating provides electrical outlets for laptops and electronic devised and the library has a secured wireless network.

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Study Rooms

There are nine group study rooms in the library.  These rooms are for use by two or more law students who need a place for discussion or group study for a maximum of two hours.  If a study room has only one occupant, the individual must yield the room if a group requests that they do so.  Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis unless the library reserves the room for an authorized academic purpose.


The law library does not permit “homesteading” in group study rooms.  Homesteading occurs when the occupants of a study room leave their possessions in the room without physically being present in the room for 20 minutes or more.  If this practice is brought to the attention of a law librarian, he/she may place a note on the door of the study room noting the current time.  If after 20 minutes the occupants have not returned, then the law librarian will remove the personal items from the room.  The room will then be turned over to the waiting students.  The owners should see a law librarian for retrieval of their belongings.


The study rooms also include audiovisual equipment. This equipment may not be reserved, although students who need to use the AV equipment will be given priority over students who are not using it.

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Suggestions and Comments

There is a suggestion box located on the pillar outside the photocopy room. If you have a comment or suggestion regarding the law library, please fill out a suggestion form and place it in this box. You may also fill out an online suggestion form and email it to Library Director, Susan Phillips.

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The law library provides staplers and a 3-hole punch in the photocopy room.  Other office supplies will not be provided, but may be purchased in the bookstore on the second floor during normal operating hours.

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