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For Students

The law library is a comfortable, attractive, and inviting place for individual and group study and research and is home to an extensive collection of legal resources.  Think of it as both your “lab” and “office” while you are in law school.  It is in the library where you will learn the tools of the trade: where to find and how to use the legal resources that will be applied in legal dispute resolution.   

Legal Research Instruction and Assistance

The law library faculty works closely with Texas A&Mlaw students. They provide hints to help with LARW research assignments, post assignment corrections, and hold “Hands on Reference” shortly before assignments are due.  They also guest lecture in first-year LARW and other classes, teach Legal Research Practicum and other courses, lead computer training sessions, provide research consultations to assist with research strategies for seminar papers, train research assistants, etc.

Anytime you have questions about any aspect of legal research or using the library, feel free to visit the reference desk in person or contact a librarian by phone at 817-212-3805 or by email.  For comprehensive research assistance or help with a specific research topic or technique, make an appointment with a librarian or refer to the guides posted on the wall near the Texas materials. 

Research Resources

The strengths of the library collection are its currency, sustained active growth in response to the needs identified by the law school community, and the consistent investment that has been made in its maintenance and accessibility.  The library has aggressively acquired and licensed electronic resources to meet researchers’ needs and to ensure that you have the opportunity to become proficient in using them.  The library also provides you with free access to interlibrary loan so items that are unavailable in our library may be borrowed from other libraries throughout the country.  Link quickly to:  Westlaw or Lexis.

Course Reserves

All required and recommended books and other items for current courses are available at the circulation desk and can be checked out for up to two hours.  For more information about Reserves, please click here.

Exam Archive

The library provides a law school exam archive containing exams approved for release by our faculty members to help students prepare for upcoming exams.  Each semester the law library solicits faculty for new exams to add to the archive.  Not all faculty have exams in the archive, it is up to the individual faculty member.  Some faculty prefer to post sample exams to their class website instead.  If you don't see your professor listed, please check with them. The exam archive is restricted to current law students and is accessed through the library’s proxy server.  Please click here to access the exams.

CALI Lessons

CALI Lessons are interactive computer-based tutorials used by law students around the country as a law school study aid.  To get the authorization code please email Joan Stringfellow or call 817-212-3824. 

Group Study Rooms

There are nine group study rooms in the library for use by two or more law students who need a place for discussion and group study for a maximum of two hours.  If a study room has only one occupant, the individual must yield the room if a group requests that they do so.  Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis unless the library reserves them for an authorized academic purpose.  The library does not permit “homesteading” in group study rooms.  Homesteading occurs when the occupants of a study room leave their possessions in the room without physically being present for 20 minutes or more.  If this practice occurs a librarian will remove the personal items and the room will be turned over to waiting students.  The owners should see a librarian for retrieval of their belongings. 

Audiovisual Services

DVD/VCR players with monitors are available in the library’s study rooms. Audiovisual materials are held on Reserve at the Circulation Desk.

Popular Reading Collection

The Popular Reading collection was added in response to students’ requests for reading material to help them relax and recharge.  It is located in the Reading Room.  There are also magazines and newspapers scattered throughout the Reading Room for the same purpose.

Wireless Internet Access

The law school’s secured wireless network can be accessed throughout the library.

Copying & Scanning

Copy machines are located in the Photocopy Room. Copies cost 10¢ per page. In addition to providing photocopies, they are capable of scanning documents which are delivered to email in PDF format.  This free service is only available to students, faculty and staff of the law school. 

Study Carrels & Tables

Desks and study carrels are located throughout the library and available on a first-come, first-served basis.  All of the seating provides electrical outlets for laptops and other electronic devices.